I Want to Get Even [Barang terlarang] (1987)

Irma’s husband Rudy is a ragaholic and enjoys beating the hell out of his pregnant wife during sex. Rudy is afraid he will hurt the baby but Irma knew what she was getting into when she married the brute. When Irma is kidnapped by the disgusting Cobra and his gang of drug dealers, arms dealers, thieves and murderers she is gang raped and released. She finds no comfort in her scumbag husband who throws her out of a taxi when she tells him of her ordeal. He don’t deal with damaged goods. He still goes after the gang because his honor is ultimately more important than his wife. After attacking them at their hide out and getting his ass beat he changes tactics. Rudy then stalks and rapes Cobra’s main drug dealer’s , Ronnie’s, sister in revenge to help gain back some of his honor even though the brother didn’t actually take part in the rape. Somehow Ronnie misconstrues Rudy’s attack and subsequent assault as being set up by Cobra  and oddly enough Cobra is out to get him. After leaving her bleeding and crying in the jungle the gang then has to make even. Of course this leads to a graphic miscarriage that leaves Irma enraged, hungry for blood and out for revenge.

Talk about sizzle but there sure ain’t no fucking steak. It seems that this gem of Indonesian sleaze has a lot going for it. atrocious dubbing, scummy characters, everyone is covered in the sheen of the sweat of poverty. Their stench practically rolls out of the screen. It’s that musky, heavy, nasty stench of third world desperation. It smells a lot like Cleveland actually…but no. It sucks ass. It’s boring as shit the action isn’t really much in the way of action for fuck’s sake. But…that’s right dear readers, I said but. The last ten minutes are some of the most batshit crazy things ever put to film. The badass vigilante heroine we’ve all been expecting finally fucking appears dressed up like a third world Rambo in drag. But wait there’s more. The only weapon she has is a fucking bazooka…and she rides a motorcycle. She fries bikers and blows baddies into chunks of meat and there is some out of the blue narration explaining how the world ends before the credits roll. That shit is almost worth sitting through the other 77 frigging minutes of misogyny but it doesn’t If you get the chance pass on this one.

One thing that this flick may do though is give an honest portrayal (Though I hope not…I’m not entirely sure of the state of women’s rights in Indonesia in the late 1980’s so I’ll pass on further comment of the validity of such.) of the difficulties of being a woman in a third world nation where they are second class citizens if they are lucky. I mean, her husband didn’t want anything to do with her while she was pregnant with his baby…because she got gang raped…it’s jaw dropping. Never mind the fact that he got off beating the fuck out of her and she seemed to enjoy it a bit though it frightened her. The real coup is that after her miscarriage (due to the fact her husband shoved her ass out of a moving car) the dude is totally fucking fine with her again. You lost my tainted baby. It’s cool now. What the fuck…

The Lost Realities of Hog Caller (2011)

Hog Caller is a real band in this mockumentary style oddity. It follows the Middletown, Pennsylvania grindcore rockers and shows they have always been mysterious and enigmatic. Drugs, booze, women…The Dirtfarmer (Writer/Director Tom Richards) and Vomitrocious (Steve O’Donnell) were living the hellbilly dream. Skeevy reporter Skip Jenkins is trying to shoot a community news expose on the secretive duo. All he can seem to turn up are rumors and innuendo since the bands disappearance. He investigates the bar which frequently hosted the band and interviews fans and haters alike. 

What are the lost realities? Is it a fever dream? Found footage? Mix tape? It is hard to describe as the film is packed with filters, noise, original music, and concert footage. Also there are trippy and nightmarish sequences all or which are tied together with the reporter’s attempt to uncover the band’s fate. Jenkins discovers a box of VHS that belonged to Hog Caller and the tapes contain footage of some of the band’s activities. The tapes reveal Dirt Farmer and Vomitrocious’s dabbling in the occult and Satanism; including encounters with deer and pig carcasses. 

Two lengthier segments of the found footage make up a bulk of the film. One follows the Dirt Farmer as he goes hunting for Osama in the environs of Middletown. Gun in hand he tracks down the terrorist and sees him meet up with George W. Bush. Or at least facsimiles thereof. The two hang out and pretty much party while shooting at targets of Jesus until Dirt Farmer moves in to stop the debauchery. The other sequence shows Vomitrocious babysitting a dead piglet. He pushes it around in a stroller, talks to it, feeds it ice cream–all the normal stuff one does with a baby except with a dead piglet that is drawing flies. Who’s to say what happened to Hog Caller? It may involve Satan, the Pork Princess, the government or a demon pig fetus baby. You know, all the normal stuff that lives in the shadow of a nuclear power plant that had a meltdown.

Wild Eye’s release presents the film in all of its schizophrenic glory. The picture quality is as varied as the forms it was shot in from Hi-8 to digital. The sound is good not that anyone can understand too much of the lyrics anyway. Extras include a behind the scenes featurette and the trailer. Not sure about it being the sickest FF film but it is one of the more bizarre. The flick will appeal to those who enjoy off kilter, non sequiter or mix tape style entertainment with a horror bent. Check it out, it’s a good flick for a Saturday afternoon when you’re stuck in your head.