Slaughter Daughter (2012)

Farrah (Nicole Fiore) is left at the altar by her no show soon to be ex and flies off into a fit of crazy. She becomes violent and is institutionalized and remains there until her aunt Reema finally convinces her mother Phyllis to allow her to come home albeit with stiff conditions in place. The passing of her father helps her keep her crazy on at least a slow boil and once in a while it explodes in violent fashion. Her obsession with violent news leads to her fixation and unhealthy relationship with local serial killer Jackson Miles, played by the giant face tattooed titan Tim Dax from Mr. Bricks: A Heavy Metal Murder Musical. He muscle heads his way through the role and even gets his dick grabbed by Farrah in a disjointed jail house meeting and romp. Because prisons let proteges come in and select a serial killer mentor, right? I mean that’s not unbelievable in anyway is it? Anyway she pretty much tells him she wants to kill and he tells her to go for it. Well she seems to be on a downward spiral from being a witch to being an unbearable bitch passing up her aunt and mother somewhere in between. Her mom is getting married to an asshole and having a sapphic affair with her dead husband’s sister…leaving open the possibility that one of them probably offed the guy so the could scissor till their hearts are content. Of course things go wrong all the way around and the end is the most ridiculous and stupid thing I’ve seen since the final scene of The Last Exorcism 2. That’s saying a lot.

Slaughter Daughter is a no budget flick that tries to be angsty but falls flat on it’s face. The Mr. Bricks gang are back and this hits a flatter note than their earlier endeavor. Packed with unlikable characters it becomes very hard to gain any kind of connection with the film. Dax and Fiore spend a good deal of time trying to out angst each other and it comes across more like teenage pretension than anything else. No performances are fantastic but Ruby LaRocca manages to play the most sympathetic and human character of the bunch. One good thing about the flick is how it points out the 24/7 news cycle and how it can impact people. Unfortunately it then does what it can to call Natural Born Killers to mind and only serves to remind the viewer that other films tell a similar story better than Slaughter Daughter. Slaughter Daughter is available on DVD from Brain Damage Films.

Indie Flix: Dead on Appraisal (2014)

This anthology concerns a house that just sits on the market because of some rather mysterious occurrences that left a lot of residents dead and the cast a shadow over the house ever after. Real estate agent John Dante (Mike Pffaf) has been stuck with the property and despairs over his inability to sell it. Of course the vignettes all take place within the framework story as John relates all the horrible events that have taken place in the house and his ongoing ordeal to sell it once and for all. The house’s woes range from killer bugs to vets suffering PTSD and even includes an up and coming rocker who’s pickled himself. The house survives bombings, flamethrowers, an assault by armed robbers, a boozer party, and a goblin attack. Eventually the true source of the house’s trouble comes to light during an open house John is hosting with his girlfriend. Five years later and the real estate market is still a killer.

The cast pull double and triple duty through out the vignettes titled “The Morning After,” “Father Land,” “Freddie and the Goblins.” and “Closing Costs.” The acting isn’t horrible for an indie production at all with most giving a workable performance and no one really standing out as really good or truly terrible. The effects are a mixed bag of practical effects and makeup, stop animation and CGI. The effects can be shaky at moments and aren’t fantastic by any means but they throw buckets of the red stuff to try and help it work. The picture really struggles when it is subjected to a digital filter and looks like it is ready for Instagram. The puppets in “Freddie and the Goblins” really made my day though. Those things were awesome and reminded me of the creatures in Rock n’ Roll Nightmare.

While the movie isn’t going to wow with effects or story–the story is there it’s just not too exciting–it was an okay flick overall. The reappearance of players, the whackiness of the plot, the anthology structure itself and the heart everyone shows help make this a bearable film to watch. It is easy to see that the young filmmakers were eager and excited to produce this comedy horror collection. If you happen to come across this title and have nothing going on check it out. It’s an okay flick. Dead on Appraisal is released by Brain Damage Films and the special features include two trailers and two behind the scene featurettes. It’s available direct or through other retailers on DVD or VOD. The trailer is below.