Emanuelle in America (1977)

Sleaze auteur Joe D’Amato pulls out all the stops for this sex filled romp featuring Black Emanuelle, Laura Gemser, as a New York City based, globe trotting photojournalist who moonlights as an erotic fashion photographer.

Emanuelle uses her charm and other assets as she goes undercover to expose sex slavery, aristocrats, politicians, high end brothels and more. Each assignment is hush, hush and more dangerous than the last allowing the film to hurtle recklessly from location to location in travelogue fashion. She finds herself in search of some real monsters so she ends up in Washington D.C. to try and break a ring of snuff film producers.

From a surprise encounter with a jealous and sexually repressed boyfriend of one of her models to a surprise roofie from a senator and a trip to a third world snuff film factory Emanuelle’s and D’Amato’s cameras never blink. Mondo Macabro presents the film completely uncut for better or horse.

D’Amato goes completely off the rails with this one. He lets every inspiration play out and shows no restraint at all. The faux snuff film is something dreadful to behold and the cynicism and nihilism underpinning the story from start to finish give it the gnawing dread of a horror film more so than the soft focus eroticism of your usual Em(m)anuelle film —is there such a thing?

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