Scraping It Together Again or My Favourite Year…

Hasn’t happened yet. Bearing in mind that next year will probably be worse than this year I may as well start writing again now. I’ve been debating what shape this Circus was going to take for quite a while and I’ve decided it’s going to have however many rings I need. This is my circus and these are all my monkeys…and clowns, peanuts, elephant shit. It’s mine. I’ll do what I want.

That being settled means this will have some of the following:

There will be some musings on movies, not reviews anymore, I don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about a movie and I’m not going to try to convince anyone of anything. I dig NIGHT OF THE DRIBBLER; I love HHOH5. If you don’t that’s fine. If you do, that’s fine too. I loathe capeshit and don’t try to sell me on the merits. It’s okay for me not to like what you like so just let it be. Something I’ve been working on is a piece that shows how GO is just a reimagining of Ken Russell’s GOTHIC for the raver kids.

There will be opinions. If something strikes me I will rant, ramble, reminisce, riff and otherwise take the time to preach on it from whatever high horse I may be riding at the time.

There will be book reports. I wasn’t an English or Lit major so I’m talking middle school, Pizza Hut Book It! type shit. I’ll let ya’ll know what I thought kicked ass and what sucked, even the pages I skipped or if I gave up without finishing it. Once again, just my thoughts and not a debate. If you want a debate you should find someone who has enough headspace to take on your concerns and questions. I lead a full life with cats, snakes and others and keep busy laying unrepentant bastards in the dirt.

There’s going to be fiction. From now on, when I write something I will do something with it. No more filling up notebooks and throwing them out. Shit will be transcribed here, complete or not, and sent out into the ether. I may come back to something to finish and spit shine but I’m going to leave unfinished fragments too. I love playing around with the flow of time and memory, cosmic horror and personal dread. I play around with it and then I grow bored easily so who knows what ends up on here. Some stuff to look for: some Yellow King stories from the 1800’s to the Internet, Where’s the Beef?

There’s not going to be a schedule. I may post nothing for weeks and then ten times in one day. I’m not going to stress it. So here we go again.

So here it is. I’m going to put the links out there and do some shilling from time to time. If you like it then cool if you don’t then cool. Fuck it and have fun either way.

~Love, P.D.

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