Sugar Cookies (1973)

Porn star Alta Leigh (Lynne Lowry sporting a wig) is Max Pavell’s (George Shannon) plaything. She’s trim, barely sun kissed and shaped to Max’s exact specifications. Max has a bit of a mean streak as he forces the rosy cheeked and pink lipped beauty to play dangerous sex games. We’re talking Phil Spector level crazy involving fire arms and shit. He makes the statuesque starlet load the gun and turn off the safety before they play with the gun. He begins taunting her telling her how she can’t figure out if he will kill her or not after she licks her own juices off of the gun barrel. Surprise! He blows her fucking head off on camera but reports it as a suicide.

Alta’s lover Camila (the smoldering Mary Woronov) hires an aspiring actress named Julie (also Lynne Lowry) who looks a lot like Alta…go figure. Max then sexes up his secretary (Jennifer Welles) while talking to his attorney. If there was any doubt that he wasn’t into kink he chokes her while he tears her panties off. Helping to make sure that no character is likable, Camila surreptitiously kindles a Sapphic relationship with Julie by first becoming a fast friend then getting her to strip for the camera before she hops in bed with her with no intentions other than to use her to exact revenge on Max. Lowry spends the majority of the time with her clothes off and being a total submissive to Max and being used and abused by everyone in the film. The payoff when it finally comes is pretty much the mirror image of what happened to Alta orchestrated by Camila. As sleazy as it is boring Sugar Cookies is a lot like watching paint dry with boobs all over the place. The nudity is so pervasive and rapey as to lose any titillating value it may have…which is a lot coming from a fan of Jim Wynorski and Dean McKendrick. There is no fun or any levity to lower the crushing weight of the gravitas at all during the film’s run time.

Odd counterpoint to the main story…for what it is… is the odd arc involving Max’s tubby son. He’s a porn fiend who sneaks into strip shows. He seems to rape prostitutes, one of which calls his dad! He enjoys himself in the shower and then experiments with transexuality after getting his ass beat.

Lynne Lowry and Warhol Superstar Mary Woronov star in this tale of pornography, look-a-likes, lesbians and revenge co-written by Lloyd Kaufman and director Theodore Gershuny (Silent Night, Bloody Night). Another Warhol superstar, Ondine, shows up. This isn’t the only time Woronov, Gershuny and Ondine worked together. The three of them appear in Silent Night, Bloody Night. Vinegar Syndrome’s BD/DVD combo release includes a theatrical trailer and a Lynne Lowry featurette interview on the BD and the DVD also includes interviews with Lloyd Kaufman and Mary Woronov. This is by far the best the film has looked and I doubt that it will ever look better. A lot of love goes into these grimy gems. The BD/DVD combo can be found at Vinegar Syndrome’s site here. Check out the trailer below.

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