Indie Flix: A Dark Place Inside (2014)

Andy (Chris Dalbey) is that guy you see on the bus everyday; maybe he’s the new guy you work with. He’s quiet and a bit twitchy but he shows up to work on time each day so he must not be so bad. You think he might be a tad neurotic and sometimes comes across as a hypochondriac. Well, that’s because he is a hypochondriac and he is extreme. He has some rather extreme views. He’d kill himself before he gets divorced and a drunk chick deserves whatever’s coming to her. He has zero sympathy or compassion for anyone or anything.  He’s a serial rapist and killer.

He’s a loner who tries to fend off gregarious and friendly co-worker Paul’s (James Costa) attempts at socializing but when they interfere with his “hobby” he buckles and puts in a little time hanging out. He should have taken Andy’s first brushoff because he ain’t gonna live to regret it, that’s for sure. When Andy meets Paul’s sister, Allison (Lauren Ojeda), he begins to make an effort to hang out with her and Paul. All the while his free time is spent selecting, stalking, raping, murdering and disposing of the bodies of young women. Most of their bodies anyway. He keeps some choice bits around in case he has an urge he needs to satisfy right away. 

Andy’s shithole dump of an apartment looks like it should. Small, cluttered, a mattress on the floor and shit in boxes. It’s the home of someone always on the move. There is no indication as to how long Andy has been killing and raping but it seems like this has gone on for quite awhile before we meet him on film. The only real permanent connection he’s made is with his doctor who seems to be quite familiar with Andy’s neuroses. Andy’s victims are never missed as far as the viewer can tell so either he picks them carefully so they won’t be missed or he just never watches the news. He does have odd clippings all over the wall but they tend to refer to a variety of things. He isn’t motivated by notoriety as much as he is by a sense of revenge towards his parents. Andy’s attacks grow more violent as he performs more acts of necrophilia after he has raped and murdered his victims. He eventually has to get Paul out of the way to get to Allison and he breaks his M.O. and ties her to a chair and torments her for awhile instead of the usual hump and kill. Will she be the one to help end Andy’s killing spree or will she be just another victim? You’ll have to check it out because the ending is something that has to be seen to be believed.

This Pennsylvania shot nasty was written and directed by Mike O’Mahony and is the fourth offering by his Maniac Films. It is well shot and put together and sounds good. While some of the acting is rough Chris Dalbey is a hulking, sulking and menacing presence throughout the film as the rapist, killer and necrophile Andy. The film has enough locations to keep the film interesting too. It’s nice to see indie serial killer flicks that have more than one room and a vacant field. It’s sick and disturbing and I mean that as praise not a critique. Find Mike and Maniac Films on Facebook here and check it out.

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