Little Reaper [Short] (2013)

The Grim Reaper (John Paul Ouvrier) has a problem. One would think that a problem experienced by the personification of Death would be beyond the scope of human comprehension and one would be wrong. This psychopomp papa has a problem with his teenage daughter. She just does not listen to him and is in no way ready or responsible enough to even begin to consider taking up the cloak, as it were, from her frightening father.  

Many of us old codgers wonder how the world will manage when the issue of our loins, or those of our contemporaries, are the only ones left to try to steer time and tide. I suppose everyone goes through that but iPhones make it a tad more intense. Our young reaper (Athena Baumeister) is wrapped up in teenage angst and is envious of all the cool banshee chicks. She thinks life, or afterlife, would be better for her if she were a banshee and not a reaper. Her pops decides to teach her a little responsibility and even end her eternal grounding if she competently completes her task. She has to do his job for one day. That’s it. One day and no more. What’s the worse that can happen, right?

Definitely not straight up horror but a horror-tinged send up of a parental comedy, LITTLE REAPER is a fun way to spend about ten minutes. Baumeister and Ouvrier are great as the leads. One of the curses of indie film in general is overacting, poor acting, or poor overacting on a grand scale and I was pleasantly surprised to see good performances from the principals here.  The production values are top notch.  High contrast black and white plays quite well on the reaper make up on the leads. The film is extremely well shot and the framing of each scene looks crisp and professional.  Peter Dukes‘ Dream Seekers Productions have several projects that can be found at Click the link, it’s well worth checking out.

2 thoughts on “Little Reaper [Short] (2013)

  1. Wow! Thank you so much for a great review! This is the Grim Reaper himself, John Paul Ouvrier, and with my own teenage daughter -14-, I was in good hands with the talented Mr. Dukes, and amazing Miss Baumeister. Just flattered and honored. 🙂


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