Dropping Evil (2012)

Sam (Rachel Howe) is a punk rocking babe and her boyfriend Mike (Tom Taylor) is one of the cool kids.  They plan a camping trip and invite their decidedly uncool friends Becky (Cassandra Powell) and Nancy (Zachery Eli Lint).  Nancy is uncompromising in his convictions (that’s right…not a Boy Named Sue but Nancy) and overly zealous in beating everyone nearby with the Jesus stick; as a result is a total ass to his only friends.  Why he is even invited ends up making little sense because no even likes him.  After this seemingly benign set up things go crashingly off the rails in DROPPING EVIL.

Becky has been taken in to a research facility of some type and Dr. Wednesday Wednesdays (Kerry Lane) implants a camera in her eyes at the orders of the mysterious Mr. H (Devin Smith).  Unaware of her new drone like status she goes along on Sam and Mike’s trip convincing them to dose Nancy with some LSD to calm his overzealous ass down.  It works at first but then Nancy begins seeing his friends as demons and attacks them.  The story contorts again and reveals a pivotal struggle between good and evil even involving gods and demigods in the form of Mr. H and Tiffany Shepis as Dionysia.  Not only do they duke it out but they also wage their fight by proxy with Nancy and his friends.  Heavy influences of CABIN IN THE WOODS are apparent along with the usual good vs. evil battling over earth etc… Who will win, will anyone be able to tell?  Hard to say with the way the story wraps up part of which involves a fairly cool fight involving an axe and a car door.  Insanity is a good word to apply to this horror comedy.  The story is twisted and convoluted and they throw everything at the viewer at once.  The close shows potential sequel ideas one of which is made badass by Fred Williamson’s mere presence.  Granted he’s only in it for a minute or so and does anything for a paycheck today but he’s still a cool dude.   

The cast is full of amateurs propped up with some well placed bit parts by Armin Shimmerman, Edwin Neal, Tiffany Shepis and Fred Williamson.  Most of the principals acquit themselves well enough with Zachery Eli Lint chewing scenery and having fun doing so.  The supporting cast has some trouble with stilted dialogue and emotionless readings.  The plot is night on incomprehensible involving secret drugs, a mysterious corporation, deities, a religious order, scientists, and even body horror but it seems that it was done so intentionally.  The short sequel bits are quite humorous and well worth a watch after you finish the feature.  It also has a fairly rocking soundtrack.  Technical aspects are up to snuff.  Sound and cinematography are good with some nice gore gags.  Ultimately DROPPING EVIL is a big movie with a little budget and suffers from that but it also shows promise from the filmmakers themselves.  If their future endeavors are as inspired and energetic they should be something to see!

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