The Boob Tube: Agony of Love (1966) + The Girl With the Hungry Eyes (1967)

Agony of Love

Barbara (Pat Barrington) is a neglected housewife of a wealthy business man who maintains an apartment where she hooks on the side as Brandy.  She has decided she has no value except on her back.  When a john shows up at her apartment she keeps reminding them that they like her and that they bought her so she will do anything they want.  “Now that you’ve bought me, what do you want me to do?”  Though she thinks herself a spoiled little rich girl, Barbara has been around the block and is an around the world kind of girl.  “Do it, hurt me, dirty me, just do it!”  Sad to say but most of the men who buy her just end up disappointing her as much as her husband does.  The dalliances end with her talking to herself and calling herself a whore etc… she does take money for sex after all… and she doesn’t exactly give her johns the girlfriend experience either.

She begins to have wild dreams where she is wrapped up in money, probably not entirely like some of her shows left her, but this time men strip the money off of her nude body leaving her penniless.  She ends up seeing a shrink and we find out she has some serious daddy issues.  The cash seems to have been how she viewed her dignity and so she finds herself bare waiting for the men to have their way with her.  She explains she has to sell herself otherwise she would have to give them something other than just her body.  The shrink touches on a nerve and the session ends with Barbara yelling at him to shut up.  A later session reveals that she wanted to be spanked by daddy because it was attention and now she gets off on getting punished.  When one of her johns slaps her she transforms from pay-to-poke to ravenous.  One of her clients has an eating disorder and wants to gluttonously eat while he watches her take her clothes off.  As it turns out she values herself according to how much money she receives.  She is worth something and important when they are willing to pay her for her body and she imagines they are her dad, her husband, and her shrink…

Her husband Barton (Sam Taylor) is a hardworking if negligent
husband but finds himself bullied by a major client into going out with the man and enjoying the company of three call girls.  He calls his wife and disappoints her by cancelling their planned dinner but she says she can find a man who wants to spend time with her…can you see where this is going?  I bet you can.  He finds out that she hooks because she likes it and thinks her value ends in the bed.  Barton then chases his wandering wife down the glowing streets of Hollywood closing the film as the past finally catches up to Barbara.

Written and directed by William Rostler AGONY OF LOVE is a
decent sexploiter with a straight forward plot and some good performances.  Pat Barrington serves well as the distant and disaffected Barbara.  Her flat delivery and unwavering stare are spot on for this role as is her flat affect.  Sadly that is how the lovely Ms. Barrington acts and is why she was rarely used as more than a supporting role or background eye candy.  As I mentioned though, it serves her well in AGONY OF LOVE.  The film doesn’t drag by any means but there are a few scenes that go on a bit longer than needed.  I’m sure this is the director using his star’s talents to the best of his ability. 

The Girl With the Hungry Eyes

THE GIRL WITH THE HUNGRY EYES is also written and directed by William Rostler and includes Pat Barrington in the cast albeit in a much reduced capacity as “The Dancer.”  Kitty (Adele Rein) finds herself on the run from her bitchy butch girlfriend Tigercat (Cathy Crowfoot) after a heavy make out session with hitchhiker Tom (Scott Avery) draws Tigercat’s ire.  She runs off into the woods to get away from her sneering lesbian partner and plays slap the salami with Tom which triggers the voyeuristic Tigercat’s delusions imagining her flogging Kitty against a tree.  This sends Tiger into a murderous rage bashing Tom’s head in.  She assures Kitty that everything is fine and no one needs to know what happened and reminds her of the better times in the relationship that Kitty wanted to escape. They go back home leaving the dead man lying in the woods. 

Kitty’s past relationship with Brian (William Rostler) didn’t go too well either.  He use to beat the shit out of her and seems to have flaked when she needed him most allowing the predatory butch Tigercat to pick her up and baby her while reminding her the world is a cruel place.  As it turns out Kitty doesn’t like how things are, Tiger’s friends leer at her and seem to be hardened women and she doesn’t want to be like them.  She reasons that it is happier to be with men “less desperate.”  The film then takes a long padded trip down memory lane as the viewer watches through soft focus and gel smears.  As a matter of fact, when it finally ends I already forgot she had been taking a shower…  The show loses quite a bit of the narrative at this point when Tiger throws a party and invites all of her gal pals and the party just kind of goes on and on with them smoking, doping, stripping down and drinking until someone finally puts on some tunes and reminds Pat Barrington what she’s there for.  When Kitty is coaxed into dancing Pat tries to show her some moves until an eager guest grabs Kitty and tries to put the make on her.  Kitty flees the party during the ensuing butch fight and returns to her old boy friend Brian babbling about how Tiger had killed someone…a little late for that I’d think but anyway.  Tiger cat begins trying to track Kitty down and calls folks and drives all over town until she thinks of Brian.  She confronts the man when she finds Kitty has been in his arms and he in her pants after telling her “These bulls are as bad as men.”  Tiger and Brian have a lethal showdown over the young gal toy.

The audio goes out of sync about forty minutes in AGONY OF LOVE but syncs back up shortly after.  The Something Weird Video double feature release of THE AGONY OF LOVE and THE GIRL WITH HUNGRY THE EYES has some great special features.  There are trailers for : AGONY OF LOVE, THE GIRL WITH HUNGRY EYES, COOL IT BABY, DIARY OF A SWINGER, FREE LOVE CONFIDENTIAL, MINI-SKIRT LOVE, and VENUS IN FURS.  There is a short entitled “Lesbian Hooker Turns a Trick,” and Pat Barrington fans rejoice because she is featured in the two shorts, “Pat Barrington on Acid” and “Pat Barrington Belly Dance.”

“Pat Barrington on Acid” is an cacophonic auditory and visual assault over the course of ten minutes after Miss Barrington drinks an unusual liquid and does what she does best with psychedelic lighting and effects.  “Pat Barrington Belly Dance takes place outdoors with a bunch of bong hitting hippies sitting in a circle around Pat as she does her belly dancing routine that you may recall from MANTIS IN LACE.  What is disconcerting is the music playing sounds more Tejano than something for belly dancing but whatever works.  The shorts are quite clear and bear the SWV watermark in the right hand corner. 

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