Electronic Lover (1966) + The Spy Who Came (1969)

Electronic Lover

Master (Mike Atkinson) is a megalomaniacal egomaniac who has shut himself away from the world living in a tent with only a computer of some sort that has a monitor that allows him his interaction with society at large.  We know him only as Master and he has a silent servant who answers to the name Brother (John Manos).  The two bear a physical resemblance but the nature of their relationship and indeed the way Master revels in saying the name Brother seem to imply that it is merely a name.  Master seems to be an intelligent and capable man who has designed not only the machine but a portable camera for Brother to take and seek out the women from his fantasies, but he is trapped within his tent unable to act on his sexual impulses with women.  So now you know what Brother is up to with that camera.

What may be shocking is that after watching the monitor and ordering Brother around through the earpiece is that Master French kisses his own reflection while dry humping the mirror to completion…sometimes with Brother watching disgustedly.  Brother walks the streets of New York City and if he happens to see an attractive gal walking about he will follow her and record her actions with the camera that sent them back to Master’s tent.  The camera is a funny thing, it looks like it was pieced together with attachments from a vacuum cleaner or like a five year old’s version of a ray gun.  As Brother finds healthy girls to tape, the Master’s naps become more fitful and nightmarish.  He continues to see these women and he knows he is the only one who can please them yet he never will have the chance.

Master falls ever deeper into madness and while watching four young people playing in the woods he begins crying for his mother before killing himself with an arrow.  Brother finds Master’s corpse before the machine and he removes the arrow finding his hands come away with blood.  Indeed he has blood on his hands for his participation as the mad voyeur’s tool bearing the camera from woman to woman trying to satisfy the Master’s narcissism through voyeurism.  Finally Brother finds himself carrying the camera for another Master yet this one enjoys what she sees for its own sake and finds pleasure in it instead of pleasure in herself as the madman before her.   

This film is a light roughie but plays more like an experimental film.  Oddly, I think it is more meaningful today, with the advent of the internet and reality TV, than it ever could have been in 1966.  Now most of the viewing public is guilty of some form of voyeurism or another but it is fed by no end of people whose exhibitionist tendencies have been shaped by shows such as The Real World or Road Rules.  Maybe it speaks to today, maybe it doesn’t.  Just my two bits.  Make sure to check it out though because it certainly has three of the best NYC exploitation scene starlets in the cast with Linda Boyce, Uta Erickson and Natara!

The Spy Who Came

Wealthy Sheikh Mohammad has has kidnapped, drugged, and trained several well heeled society women and uses them to seduce and videotape dignitaries for purposes of blackmail.  They are trained with mannequins until they are ready to be turned loose to reel in security and economic secrets.  A New York City vice detective, Larry, falls into the scheme when he bangs one of the crafty Arab’s broads and he threatens to send the tape to the cop’s fianceé.  This ring of white slavery has money and drugs as its purpose.  Blackmail for the money and money for the drugs to keep the addicted sheikh happy.  Harry falls into a tight spot when his boss and Interpol are aware of his involvement in the scam and he has to agree to work as a double agent and help law enforcement to take down Mohammad’s operation.   

Harry is taken in by Mohammad’s blonde second in command, Tessie, who was ordered to help reward Harry by sexing him up with a busty slave girl.  Tessie is a petite, British toned down version of Ilsa or pretty much any hot dominatrix with sadistic leanings and lesbian tendencies.  She keeps the girls drugged so they are complacent and then she doses them again to turn them on.  She’s also in charge of naked, shackled floggings.  She takes Harry on a grand tour of the compound and appoints him head of quality control in a way.  He has to grade the slaves on seductiveness and sexual expertise.  Luckily enough they are put through the paces with mannequins by a Gene Simmons look-a-like.  During the tour he leaves the door open allowing the French agent to enter and photograph the goings on.  Things fall apart when the Sheikh shows up suffering from withdrawal and the sexy slaves turn on Tessie and chase her leaving the compound and the illicit operation a shambles.  THE SPY WHO CAME is much more of a roughie than its co-feature and takes itself much less seriously than ELECTRONIC LOVER as well.  It’s humorous and fast paced chewing through its run time remaining interesting throughout the entire film.  Well worth checking out. 

This Something Weird Special Edition is loaded with special features.  There are trailers for THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP, THE OFFICE LOVE-IN, THE SINGLES, and SOME LIKE IT VIOLENT.  Shorts included are “Girl of My Dreams” and “The Philosophy of Computing.”  There is a Tel-Star Striptease featurette and a Gallery of Underground Sexploitation Movie Magazine Covers.

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