Cinemaxxxed: Irresistible Impulse (1996)

You find yourself flipping channels and you alight on a seedy, smokey setting awash in money, drugs, sex and any other sort of high stakes with rugged men beset on all sides by busty wanton babes stacked better than a mile high pile of hundred dollar bills.  Deals are made, backs are stabbed, and everyone fucks everyone as they are all fucking each other over.  This is the stuff dreams are made of.  The light of a flickering TV mesmerizes you while your eyes dry out and your throat becomes parched.  The unrelenting electronic god has cast your world in hues of blue.  What you are watching makes no sense, chock full of Pets and Playmates you find it’s not hard but it sure is soft.  It’s an ungodly hour and way past time for bed but once again you’ve found yourself Cinemaxxxed.  Welcome to a new and hopefully regular feature that will try to keep the Sleaze in 3S.

IRRESISTIBLE IMPULSE is a Cinemax style late night thriller directed by Jag Mundhra who is fairly known for films of this ilk.  NIGHT EYES immediately comes to mind.  You know the kind.  Richard Lovejoy (Doug Jeffrey) is a hot shot real estate agent who gambles with lots of cash, hot properties and hot women.  That played hell with his marriage which fell apart mainly because he banged more rich broads than properties he sold and his wife Tina (1986’s Playmate of the Year Kathy Shower) sought a divorce.  His luck has turned south when his sales have plummeted and he finds himself struggling all the way around.  He tries to get a listing so he services the gal in her pool only to find out it is the homeowner’s house sitting niece so he loses the property and only has a piece to show for it.  A loan shark’s enforcers kick the crap out of him as a hobby because he’s way behind paying them off.  

Things seem to turn around as he almost closes on a big house and svelte red-head Carolyn Wetherby (Wendy MacDonald) gets her hood popped by the shady broker but then dies while he is in the shower leaving the check unsigned.  He panics and decides to do the sane thing which is steal the checkbook and closing papers and run back to work after forging her signature on a check.  The following day he ends up tangled up in a web of forgery and deceit when someone shows up claiming to be Carolyn Wetherby.  The imposter is her abused assistant who is looking to get some back so she goes along with the sham sale.  All the while Richard’s work is kept in order by Heather (Penthouse Pet Brandy Ledford).  You know Jag isn’t going to waste a top shelf babe like that by keeping her covered for the whole film.

As with many of these type of thrillers the  plot gets convoluted beyond belief.  The collection guys get nabbed with the imposter’s car after she calls it in as stolen to get Richard caught with Carolyn’s body.  Aforementioned hot secretary gets fucked in the boardroom then strangled to death in the parking garage by Richard’s friend and co-worker Simon (Christopher James).  When Richard calls for a ride Simon is banging the imposter whom Richard was banging and helping to plot the con.  Finally Richard ends up laying bleeding on the floor while the tape that will exonerate him from murder is playing on the TV and the two that screwed him and each other got blown up by the loan shark’s guys who now think Richard is dead and now off scot free.  FIN.  

IRRESISTIBLE IMPULSE is a sordid title for a fairly mundane affair.  It works for what it is, a late night cable boob fest for Playboy Playmates and Penthouse Pets to shake their tits for another paycheck before gravity catches up with them and before the end of the 1990s puts an end to the genre that most appreciates them and the heaving talents that reside on their chests.  Thankfully there are a few serialized cable programs that will keep them from starving throughout the 2000s but as for the steamy late night thrillers?  Maybe there will be a resurgence for the next batch of upcoming wanton models.  The Scorpion disc is a bare as the women in this film.  The full frame feature is offered up with a trailer and nothing more.

Screencaps from Ian Jane’s review at Rock! Shock! Pop!

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