In Pursuit (2000)

Boy howdy.  IN PURSUIT opens with hot shot attorney Rick Alvarez (Daniel Baldwin) making his closing arguments in a desperate case.  That evening he gets picked up on a DUI and finds himself charged with bombing the car of big time CEO Charles Wells (Dean Stockwell).  Once he’s locked up in the clink his guard buddy Carl (Coolio) tries to protect him.  Since he’s a defense attorney I guess he was a shitty one and needed protection from all the clients he had locked up…

Ol’ Rick smells a double cross when the dead man’s wife to whom Rick was throwing a bone shows up and lets him eat at the Y then bails town and disconnects her number.  He makes the big jailbreak and has to evade guards, police, cougars (human and feline), checkpoints, and his boy Coolio all the while slinging one liners just for his own enjoyment.  After the escape he goes back to the funeral and confronts the widow, Catherine (Claudia Schiffer), like a dumbass.  It turns out she stole the pictures that are the only thing that can prove his innocence and he sees nothing fishy about it at all.  It doesn’t even begin to dawn on him until he breaks into Catherine’s house and finds all of her clothes gone and her house mostly empty.  The travel plans he finds seem to finally clue him in to the betrayal.  As it turns out Rick’s alibi is hosed because the woman who took the pics is in on the conspiracy too.  It seems that the only people Rick can trust are Coolio and his love sick law partner Abby.

This shit gets even wackier when we find out that Rick is Charles’ son and his mother was Charles’ maid.  Add to it that Rick is banging the hell out of Ms. Schiffer then it seems that Daniel Baldwin is a mother fucker even if it is his step-mother…Shit gets continuously out of hand as the story twists and writhes its way to the agonizingly predictable conclusion. Some highlights, besides of course Mr. Baldwin and Ms. Schiffer’s amazing performances, are a secretary who breaks down into histrionics over the thought of her long dead cat and so many twists, turns, crosses and double crosses that you won’t frigging care anyway.    The DVD is a no frills affair not that any features were needed.

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