Anna: Scream Queen Killer (2013)

Indie scream queen Melanie Denholme stars in what is pretty much a one woman show, ANNA: SCREAM QUEEN KILLER.  I’m not a big fan of one person or one setting flicks so it definitely skews my enjoyment of this film.  An aspiring actress responds to a casting call for a director she does not know.  He does not speak to her and merely hands her a sheet with instructions for her audition.  He never responds to her questions or requests for direction.  She is put through various scenarios in what is supposed to be an audition for an independent horror film.  Other than the “scenes” she acts out the only story progression comes through voice over narration and what amount to asides which come across particularly vapid. 

She is basically raped less than 30 minutes in and for some reason sticks around and continues doing what he asks even moving to other locations for further auditioning. An hour in she is raped again and she says, “Your lucky I didn’t slap you.”  Eventually she has enough and something shocking happens.  Not really.  It’s just her, in front of a camera.  Sometimes you’ll see her drive for a minute or two, shower, or clean a bathroom floor but that’s it for action.  She gets naked.  A lot.  She’s a pretty good looking actress but I’d like to see her in something that plays more like a film than the world’s longest sizzle reel.  

The film is trying to make a point but it does not go about it as well as it could.  ANNA tries to show the dangers and the seedy side of indie horror.  HACKJOB was better at pointing out some of the ridiculousness that has taken root in the indie horror arena.  The length of the film and the fact that the character doesn’t leave after she notices the director doesn’t want to wear clothes and doesn’t talk…nevermind that he rapes her a few times strips any kind of connection the viewer may have had.  I understand things like some of these “scenes” happen but to string a feature’s worth of them together smacks of incredulity.  

Overall ANNA: SCREAM QUEEN KILLER appears to be an overly long demo reel.  It tries to say a lot but isn’t very well paced which works against its mostly single room setting.  All of that said it’s technical aspects are pretty good.  It’s well shot, edited and the sound mixing has no issues.  It will be nice to see Melanie Delholme play a role with some depth and have to play off of other actors.
 Check out the trailer below:

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