Franchise Fuckery? The Las Vegas Serial Killer (1986)

Johnathan Glick or Click (?) is a free man.  He was released from the Nevada State Prison on a small technicality.  It seems his conviction as a serial killer was incorrect due to a missing body…This is a Ray Dennis Steckler flick so please bear with.  He also died at the end of the first film he appeared in THE HOLLYWOOD STRANGLER MEETS THE SKID ROW SLASHER…but that’s not important either.  

The film was shot without the constraints of sound and the closest thing to dialog is unsynced voice overs that just riff on what’s going on like an unfunny episode of MST3K.  Some choice examples, “Big propeller.” “Uh-huh” and after someone points, “Look over there.”  That’s it.  Gah.  The exposition comes via radio broadcasts, and you will generally know because there will be a radio in the frame.  If you miss it the first time, don’t worry because it will soon be repeated.

The attempt to create a cult of personality for his alter ego Cash Flagg, Steckler has a couple of goons look at a poster for THE INCREDIBLY STRANGE CREATURES WHO STOPPED LIVING AND BECAME MIXED UP ZOMBIES and say “Yeahhhh, Cash Flagg, alright.”  This is after a young woman is strangled with her bikini top at a party at Cash Flagg’s place… The inept pain parade continues as the thugs peek into a motel window into an empty office of some type and run around doing boring stuff in general.  The big payoff of their presence is as contrived and useless as this film itself.   If you have seen Steckler’s BLOOD SHACK get ready for some more rodeo action and other such nonsensical filler that is needed to pad out what would make a piss poor boring 7 minute short into a piss poor boring feature.  This flick does have boobs though but wow.  There are easier ways to get your fix…

All of that said the Guilty Pleasures DVD has special features…for this steaming and unpolished turd.  The interview with Ray Dennis Steckler is really good.  He’s a fascinating person and an oddity of a filmmaker.  Why he kept shooting films like he did is beyond me.  Beyond the interview you do get to see a bit of Vegas in the film and that’s always fun.  Only die hard Steckler fans or masochists (probably one and the same) should bother with this one.

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