Indie Flix: Alpha Girls (2013)

It’s been a good week for indie horror here at 3S as I’ve gotten to view two unique and excellent flicks so far that rise above the mass of indie films with good production values and great storytelling.  ALPHA GIRLS is an independent horror feature and the directing debut from the folks at the Philadelphia based South Fellini (Tony Trov and Johnny Zito).   Ever wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of the most popular sorority on campus?  This film will teach you to mind your own damn business.  The girls slice and dice their way to money and popularity in this slick, bloody and brutal campus slasher.

Alpha Girls have it all.  Connections, money,
power … whatever they want thanks to the bonds they make during their time in the sorority.  Alpha Beta has a long, storied past.  Dark rumors and legends surround the sorority and are based on tradition that was handed down from class to class.  The current group has relegated the rituals to mere pranks and hazing and has lost touch with the past.  So new pledges arrive without knowing where all of Alpha Beta’s prestige comes from.  Unfortunately for Morgan (Falon Joslyn), Juliette (Nicole Cinaglia), Cassidy (Beverly Rivera), and April (Kara Zhang) it isn’t going to be easy to survive Hell Week and make it from lowly pledge to lofty sister.  Pledge master Veronica’s (Nikki Bell) job is to make life miserable for them and she revels in it because she hates them too.  All of the girls yearn for something they can’t have.  Morgan wants to be liked, Juliette wants money, April wants good grades and Cassidy wants power.  When given the opportunity, the new girls seize upon the sorority’s dark secret and use it to their advantage.  The sisters should have played nice because now there’s hell to pay.

The film is a visually stunning… even aside from the eye candy of course.  The technical aspects are of the highest quality.  The filmmakers play with a wide palette of colors from the dark tones of the sorority house to the hot pink of the pledge’s sweaters.  The shots are well framed and the film is well edited.  The gore appears to be a mix of CGI and practical effects with both working well enough as the viewer is drawn into this stylized world of debs and demons.  The sound mixing is great and the soundtrack is phenomenal (more on that later).  The pre-title sequence is fantastic as a 19th century gypsy meets her end as the sacrifice in one of the sorority’s bloody rituals.  The role of the gypsy is played by the redhead bombshell Miss Kacie Marie.  

The acting ranges from passable to good with all of the principals being able to handle their roles well.  Keep your eyes peeled and you’ll see Schoolly D as a detective and Ron Jeremy as a priest but don’t worry, ALPHA GIRLS does not need to rely on cameo casting.  It stands well on its own.  The soundtrack is composed by Southwork and frontman Mike Vivas.  This seven piece Philadelphia rock band has a horns section in addition to the usual suspects.  The original music is one of the hidden stars of ALPHA GIRLS because even though the tracks fade into the background and rise to a crescendo as required they stand out as memorable tunes.  Check it out…it’s available on iTunes. 

ALPHA GIRLS will be available on VOD on September 1st from several fine outlets. You can stay updated on their website and facebook page.

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