Code Red Sees Blu

It’s no secret that Code Red’s Bill Olsen has been hesitant to enter the Blu-Ray arena and rightfully so.  It’s a big expenditure for a small company, and a big risk for any company.  There have been rumors stalking the web about a JUST BEFORE DAWN release while THE ELECTRIC CHAIR and NAILGUN MASSACRE seemed more likely.  Recent announcements include the likelihood of THE CHEERLEADERS, REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS, BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH and Tobe Hooper’s SPONTANEOUS COMBUSTION. 

But Code Red has come out of the Blu…with the announcement of Lucio Fulci’s VOICES FROM BEYOND.  There is no firm date yet but the title is likely on its way to the presses.  No features slated but it will be a hi-def master and the debut of this film on BD.

One thought on “Code Red Sees Blu

  1. Most Code Red Titles “One Per Customer”.I think it means that you're only allowed to
    buy one title for yourself. I guess this is supposed to help from buying
    a bunch, then price gouging unsuspecting buyers on other sites. (This
    is happening on e-bay & right now.)

    Yes, and Bill does this himself under 'anonymous' accounts such as
    “the exterminator' (didn't they both happen to close up shop online
    roughly around same time this Summer?) … trust me, that account IS/WAS
    him … he may have others as well … he manufactures scarcity by
    pulling his stock very shortly after making it available and claiming
    'sold out' then he makes more money per piece by selling at
    collectible/OOP prices through these accounts … it's a very old and
    typical capitalist business practice … we are ALL victims of this with
    most everything we buy here … Any denials or defense statements on
    Bill's part should be taken with a grain of salt regarding any of this
    … he also only does this with certain titles wherein he feels it more
    lucrative to do so (i.e., engineered scarcity) … also, it would look
    suspect if he did it with his 'entire' catalog or the bulk thereof …


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