Bad Channels (1992)

A badass alien and his robot sidekick take over a radio station in the middle of nowhere to use its signal to collect earth babes for some nefarious purpose.  Ted Nicolau takes a Charlie Band idea and turns it into a rockin’ fun flick.

KDUL is the only station with the balls to broadcast on 666 AM and they play nothing but polka 24 hours a day.  When station owner Vernon Locknut (Aaron Lustig)  realizes they have a clear channel over the entire nation because of superstition surrounding the station number he changes the format to good ol’ rock and roll.  He changes the name to Superstation 66 and hires down on his luck hot shot shock jock Dangerous Dan O’Dare (Phil Hipp).  His antics have gotten his ass kicked out of the big city and landed him in podunk Pahoota, California.  After the shocking prank of playing the usual polka for twenty hours a rigged call-in stunt results in Dangerous Dan being unleashed and saving the listeners with good old fashioned rock n’ roll.  Cub reporter Lisa Cummings (Martha Quinn) specializes in on location puff pieces and she is on hand for Superstation 66’s big format change but runs off chasing flashing lights in the night sky.  A mold monster looking alien soon takes over the station and broadcasts rocking tunes to snatch up earth girls and shrink them down to a more portable size.  As local officials bumble about on the outside, Dangerous Dan becomes a hero and saves both babes and planet from the lecherous alien scumbag.

Cookie was played by Full Moon honey Charlie Spradling who can also be seen as Maria Ford’s ass-kicking sister in ANGEL OF DESTRUCTION.  She shakes her goods all around the truck stop as she hallucinates the band before being transported to the radio station.  Also worth noting is Melissa Behr as Nurse Ginger.  Her routine with Sykotik Sinfoney really brings down the house in my opinion.  She turns up again in DOLLMAN VS. DEMONIC TOYS.  The music is really wacky especially the tune Manic Depresso.  Blue Öyster Cult providing two tunes and the entire score.  The acting is atrocious in this film.  Martha Quinn is terrible and Aaron Lustig is ridiculous.  The worst though is Roumel Reaux as veteran news anchor Flip Humble.  These toilet bowl performances really just enhance the fun of this crazy Rock n’ Roll movie.  

Ted Nicolau produces some topnotch stuff.  The entire SUBSPECIES series is pretty fun as far as DTV offerings go and TERRORVISION is essential horror fare.  Each shot looks like something from an MTV music video or the game show Remote Control.  The movie is put together exceptionally well for DTV fare and is one worth watching a few times.  

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