Angel of Destruction (1994)

Ass-kicking undercover cop Brit Alwood (Full Moon veteran Charlie Spradling) does her best to keep Honolulu safe but when hot rock star Delilah (Jessica Mark in what is sadly her only role) comes to her for protection Brit gets herself beat to a pulp and her neck snapped by Bobby Kell (Jimmy Broome) the maniac serial killer two minutes after taking on the case.  Bobby is a badass mercenary who hates people who’ve wronged him and women with the same amount of venom.  Brit’s private eye kid sister Jo (Maria Ford) hears the whole thing over the phone and is hired on by the police to help bring the killer in. Jo also has to protect Delilah’s busty girl toy Reena (Chanda Fayme).  Delilah is facing trouble from not only the serial killer but her manager, Danny (James Paolleli) and her producer Sonny (Bob McFarland).  As a matter of fact it seems everyone wants to bed her and then kill her.

Jo and her partner Aaron protect Delilah and Reena taking on Sonny’s crew and Kell’s mercenaries. If you think most of these guys look Filipino you would be right…there’s a reason for that. Like many cheap and fun action flicks, this film was came from Roger Corman’s film factory in the ‘Pines.  The good guys find themselves beset on both sides one by businessmen and the other by mercenaries and Maria Ford is forced to take both on by herself sometimes with clothes on sometimes without.

Typical late night cheesy action abounds.  Bad guys fly into tables, the elite mercenary team gets its ass handed to to it by two cops, baddies dance as squibs explode and people start jumping before the grenades explode behind them.  The story telling is from the same vein.  It’s concise, quick and not too neat.  A good example is that  for some reason Delilah walks in on the earlier crime scene with the dead hooker and swoons as Jo takes her outside.  No reason for her to go there, she didn’t know the hooker or anything and didn’t know Brit was dead yet but she has to meet Jo for the story to progress so bang! Cheap and easy way to introduce the two without any extraneous shit like plotting or story.

I’m not sure what kind of rock star or musician Delilah is but I can say that the music scene would be much better with more acts like hers.  It’s kind of a rock and roll opera/stripper show where the lead singer performs some kind of stripper dinner theater act with her busty blonde friend with benefits.  I think the closest thing I saw to it was the Lords of Acid and Praga Khan sometime in the mid 1990s.  The music wasn’t always the best but the show sure did entertain.

Some choice dialog for your amusement: 

Jo: “You better get real friendly, real fast or I’m going to tear your fucking liver out.”Delilah: “Do you want me to call the police?”Jo: “No.  Absolutely not.  If they come out in force he’ll just kill them.”

The DVD is part of New Horizon’s Maria Ford Collection.  The only extras are trailers for ALIEN TERMINATOR, THE SHOWGIRL MURDERS, and FUTUREFEAR.  The picture quality is good enough for some mid 90’s late night cheese and if you are down with Maria Ford films you know what you’re getting.  Some action, some boobs, some tunea little plot and some squibs or explosions.  This one has all of that and so much more.

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