Swinging Sorority (1976)

Don Trendall’s softcore comedy SWINGING SORORITY is a comedy about the trials and travails of young sorority pledges, established sisters, and the fraternity that watches their every move.  Poochie is the team’s star quarterback and he does what he needs to in order to score both on and off the field.

Sorority pledges Karen and Lynn are looking forward to college life.  Unfortunately they are both having problems meeting the house’s requirements.  Karen is struggling with grades and Lynn is broker than a joker.  Of course they’ve decided the way to make things work out is to bang the professor and start dealing drugs.  I suppose shit was easier in the 70’s damn it.   After planning for their future in the local dive go-go bar their friend Marybeth, cute blonde and ditzy, becomes the focus of the hot shot fraternity’s lust.  Poochie and his fraternity brothers decide to crown Marybeth “Homecoming Queen” though the school hasn’t had one in several years.  All she has to do is wear the official uniform, have enough school spirit to let the brothers paint the school colors on her and then she is crowned during a frat boy gang bang.

The only other sisters really introduced are Jennifer, or “Blinky” as she affectionately known, the bespectacled bookworm who is a voyeur that has a thing for the ladies and the president of the sorority who suggests Karen should “talk the professor into giving you a private oral exam.”  Overall the flick plods along from one overly long looped softcore scene to the next with the sorority house not even being featured until 30 minutes of runtime are left.  Near the end there are finally a few humorous moments as the sisters get ready for prom by showering, putting on make-up and getting dressed as Wagner’s Flight of the Valkyries plays.  I love the smell of foundation in the morning… The other chuckle is when Marty, Rob and Poochie all show up to take Marybeth to the prom and uncomfortably sit next to each other on the couch each carrying a single red rose for her. 

The story is pedestrian, the dialog is godawful and the loops are distracting as hell.  You hear, “Let Poochie have a turn” two, three, twelve times before it’s all said and done.  The acting is wooden and atrocious and with the exception of Rick Cassidy, the majority of the cast would only go on to work in Trendall’s only followup SWINGING SKI GIRLS five years later.   The sound is terrible as it consistently fades in and out with some pops and crackles.  Presented in 16×9, the picture quality of the transfer is the best that can be hoped for with a scuzzy mid 70’s release such as this and there is some damage and dirt apparent. 

The Code Red release doesn’t have much in the way of special features but it delivers a real treat with an almost entirely new slate of Code Red trailers.  Surprise! The first one is a forced FAMILY HONOR trailer with the others available from the menu.  The other trailers include: MY OLD MAN’S PLACE, THE GUY FROM HARLEM, THE VISITOR, VENGEANCE (a Richard Harrison spaghetti western), and Fred Williamson as Jesse Crowder in BLIND RAGE.  SWINGING SORORITY is available at Code Red’s Big Cartel store.

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