Blood Sisters (1987)

New York City sleaze artist Roberta Findlay’s BLOOD SISTERS is not the most entertaining Findlay flick.  That being said, her flicks are generally entertaining and BLOOD SISTERS is no exception.  It is pledge week at Edmondson College and the sorority has the perfect place for initiation weekend.  It’s set up to take place in a haunted whorehouse.  Nothing as refreshing as that Findlay touch.  She pads and rounds out the cast with some nubile young actresses who didn’t really do much of anything.  You may recognize Amy Bretnano from BREEDERS or PRIME EVIL but other than that the only other onscreen credit worthy of note is John Fasano who was also Findlay’s AD on this flick.  

The plot is paper thin so Roberta does what she does best, she sleazes it up.  It’s not just a haunted house, but a haunted whorehouse.  An Amityville like event took place there years before as the whores were shotgunned and knifed and killed in various other grisly fashions.  Prior to the sisters’ arrival the house was rigged with practical jokes and booby traps by the boyfriend of the sorority president and others that were drafted to help out.  What the girls don’t expect is that the pranks get more and more dangerous, the whorehouse is still lively with the spirits of its dead and there is a twisted maniac trying to kill them off one by one.  

Highlights include garter strangulation, dummy dropping (always a blast), ghostly hookers wandering the halls, dialogue so painful it feels as if shards of glass are being driven into your ears, and much more.  Roberta Findlay delivers the goods in the most ham handed fashion imaginable.  If the execution is lacking, the effort isn’t.  Though light on scares, BLOOD SISTERS is still an interesting slasher flick from an exploitation auteur. 

Findlay is like a low budget, East Side Michael Bay.  Any film she touches seems to succeed in presenting her vision as blurred and twisted as it might be.  Findlay delivers some misogyny as she directs some of the longest, drawn out, and brutal kills.  As a bonus, she offers boobs, blood, incoherent story, cheesy psuedo-Satanic ritual, decent camerawork, atrocious dialogue, a hanged mannequin and a general scuzzy feeling.  Check it out.  If you are already a fan make sure you see the fucked up beyond belief TENEMENT.  It’s a gritty, mean flick.

BLOOD SISTERS received a pretty loaded badass addition from Shriek Show.  Special features include a comedy commentary track and intro with Joe Bob Briggs, an interview with Roberta Findlay, the original trailer plus four other trailers.  Other trailers included are DUCK! THE CARBINE HIGH MASSACRE, SLAUGHTER HOTEL, HELL HIGH and FLESH FOR THE BEAST.

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