Third Floor…Boobs, Blood and Haberdashery

One weekend as I sat slack jawed in awe as the credits rolled for JUDGE DREDD.  What a badass flick.  Then I realized it was the third flick I’d seen that week that involved protagonists fighting in a skyscraper…So here’s a list of my favorite sleaze and cheese flicks that take place in skyscrapers and cheap ass variants of them.


Not cheesy, not sleazy but it is the granddaddy of modern urban action flicks.  If you aren’t familiar with the story of John McClane’s bad day at Nakatomi Plaza then you have lived under a rock since 1988.  One of my top five Christmas movies along with GREMLINS, ELVES, DIE HARD 2 and EMMET OTTER’S JUG BAND CHRISTMAS.  What can I say McTiernan, Harlin, and Dante can really capture the spirit of the season.


Its a travesty that this flick wasn’t widely seen.  It’s a shame that its chances may have been ruined by the Stallone vehicle JUDGE DREDD.  This is a vicious badass of a sci-fi actioner and there is plenty of sleaze going on.  Karl Urban is fucking brutal as he throws druggies down countless storeys and blasts baddies as he judges them.  Watch as Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) gets mind raped by thugs and Lena Headey slinks around all scarred and meth-mouthed up as she tortures and offs anyone who tries to interfere with her control of the building.


Roberta Findlay sleaze-fest set in a run down walk-up.  Old folks get tortured and aced while others get raped as this gang decides to take over this isolated building in the Bronx.  The gang kills many of them while the residents desperately fight to save their home.


I’m not sure if you could have missed the buzz that this hard-nosed, tough as nails ass-kicker.  It lives up to it and more.  This isn’t your average kung fu-type joint.  It’s a crime story that follows an elite S.W.A.T. team into a Jakarta skyscraper as they go in without support.  They will take down the crime lord that rules the building full of street trash or die trying.


This was supposed to be part of a slasher franchise as one of the busty babes is possessed by the spirit of a killer and stalks her lingerie company co-workers through the skyscraper on inventory night.  Luckily enough their work clothes get wet and they have to strip down in order to continue their job and end up fighting for their life.

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