Upcoming Indie Horror: The Truck

Long on life support THE TRUCK helps the road horror sub genre roar back to life!  It’s 1987 and Roger and Alice head out to check on an old shuttered campground that Roger has just inherited.  Along the way they attract the unwanted attention of an old four wheel drive truck that relentlessly pursues them.
Shot in the Hopkinsville, KY region THE TRUCK is the new feature from Lee Vervoort (GUN TOWN) and Riley Hollow Films.  In addition to Nashville actors John Michael Morris and Rachelle Graber; Hopkinsville actors Tim Emery and Andy Grace (both of GUN TOWN), THE TRUCK stars a 1973 Camaro, a 1970 Ford Fairlane, and supplying the menace is a 1980 Plymouth Trailduster 4WD. 
Is there a madman behind the wheel or is the truck driven by its own evil?  We won’t know until the fall of 2013 when THE TRUCK rolls onto DVD, Amazon VOD, and limited edition VHS.  Rough roads and miles of terror lie ahead as Roger and Alice try to escape THE TRUCK.
Those who dare can follow THE TRUCK on Facebook at:https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Truck/540022886029032.  Just make sure you don’t tailgate.

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