Sinner’s Blood (1969)

This flick is a microcosm that encapsulates pretty much all of the sleaze the seventies has to offer.  Pretty much the only things missing are Nazis and Bigfoot.  This thing has a biker gang, brother-sister incestual behavior, uncle-niece incestual behavior, cousin on cousin action, closeted self-loathing gay bikers, homophobia, voyeurism, a seemingly mentally disabled principal character, fist fights, chain fights, biker bacchanal etc…etc… I do mean etc…because I could go on forever.  It really is hard to figure out a film that opens with a vicious sexual assault on a young woman with a knife and cut with no explanation to her arrival in town.

Penny and Patricia have to move in with their Uncle Clarence and Aunt Grace.  Grace is not pleased with the arrangement but Clarence is able to convince her by outlining the lack of other options the girls have.  Patricia is the tight laced straight arrow and Penny is the wild child.  As it turns out Penny is just the spark that will set off this small California town.

Patricia hooks up with Cousin Edwina and freaks out in the middle of the girl-on-girl while Aubrey watches.  The man child freaks out and tears up his nudie mag before he runs into the room to confront Patricia for taking Edwina away from him.  He tells Patricia that he picked her as he forces himself upon her.  Aubrey then stops and has a breakdown while Patricia comforts him mind you she is still nude and just been assaulted by her cousins.  Cue Forrest Gump-running as the boy blunder runs through the dark woods.

Cut to biker party fun.  Boobs, booze and bikes. Ten plus minute biker orgy which reveals even more

of the sleaze this flick carries.  Preacher’s kid Zack goes off to find Gentry and finds him rolling in the brambles with one of the bikers.  Penny runs into the distraught Zack and then goes to find Gentry…keep in mind he brought her to the party.  Pissed beyond belief she slips him an LSD laced Mickey.  Cue acid trippy flashbacks feverishly leading up to a violent motorcycle crash.

A truly bizarre confrontation ensues when Shiv-Gentry’s closeted lover-confront’s Penny over his death.  Menacing her with a knife saying “Girls are dirty” over and over again.  The entire biker party begins to leave the scene wanting nothing to do with the buzzkill leaving Penny alone with Shiv.  The films end is a real humdinger worthy of the price of admission.  SINNER’S BLOOD is a truly bizarre and sleazy flick.

The character of Aubrey is a surprisingly complex figure.  He seems to be slow and loutish and of dubious moral fibre-note the peeping tom and attempted rape incidents mentioned above; yet in the end he is the hero who is severely injured trying to stop Shiv and does another marathon run back to the house to alert Zack and Patricia.  In a slurry of mediocre acting John Talt’s Aubrey actually rises to the top.  Edwina is portrayed by Julie Conners who is the only other actor that seems to have credits beyond stunts in other films.  She can be found in COUNT YORGA, VAMPIRE and TRADER HORNEE.

The Code Red release of SINNER’S BLOOD has a remastered version and the raw “portable grindhouse version.  Also included is an entertaining and informative interview with John Talt who portrayed Aubrey and the slate of Code Red trailers (MARDI GRAS MASSACRE, PEOPLE WHO OWN THE DARK, MY OLD MAN’S PLACE).  SINNER’S BLOOD is available direct from Code Red via Big Cartel.  Something I learned from the interview is that SINNER’S BLOOD did not have a script.  John even recommends to get some buddies and get some beers and make fun of it.  He thinks its a bad movie and it probably was, hell it probably is.  Though watching it now, as an artifact of the time, I find it quite enjoyable.

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