Horror Hottie: Bianca Allaine

Bianca Allaine may be familiar to fans that keep up with horror podcasts.  She has gained an audience with the success of her vidcast W.T.F. (Watch These Films) with Bianca Barnett in which she shares her thoughts and reactions to various and sundry films from horror’s hay day.  In addition to numerous indie productions she has worked along side WWE’s Chris Jericho as the visceral and intense Pig Bitch in ALBINO FARM and even popped up as herself in Emily Hagins’ sendup of the current state of the vampire genre MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE. 

Since Horror Palace no longer hosts its family of podcasts, W.T.F. with Bianca will continue for a second season as part of Horrorphillia’s podcast offerings.

Though studying for her Bachelor of Science and keeping up with multiple productions (VENGEANCE WEARS A SKIRT is in preproducitonBianca was cool enough to take time out of her busy schedule to have a go at a few questions from me. 

3S: How did you get drawn into the world of acting?  Did it stem from modeling or did modeling come after acting?

BIANCA: I was always obsessed with movies and the process of making them. Initially, I thought I wanted to write and direct my own films so I could premiere them at Sundance Film fest, but then I realized acting was my true passion. Modeling came first but it segued into performing. I love the process of creating a character and expressing an emotion.

3S: Looking at some of your photos it seems like you have a lot of fun with modeling.  Which do you prefer modeling, acting or whatever pays the bills?

BIANCA: I do have a lot of fun during photo shoots, but acting is my true passion. I have put modeling aside for now, unless it is a high budget shoot with professional makeup artists and stylists.

3S: You have really embraced all avenues Twitter, Facebook, biancabarnett.com, you have a podcast and vidcast that were a part of the Horror Palace family of programs and will be at Horrorphilia for season 2.  You are very accommodating to the blogosphere (Thank you!) When did you realize the potential that social media has to advance your career and provide other outlets for your creativity?

BIANCA: Very early I realized the power of networking through the internet. When I first started out, I was with an agency, but then I began booking more and more on my own. Knowing how to market your image is a very powerful tool.

3S: Which part of the internet are you eying to attack next?

BIANCA: At the moment, I’m focusing on my website to make it more accessible and streamlined to mobile devices and tablets. I am also working on pre-production for season 2 of Watch These Films with Bianca Barnett.

3S: You’ve decided to go to school while working as an actress.  That has got to be

a rough schedule to keep.  Do your studies relate to the craft or are you pursuing a separate interest?

I’m working on my Bachelors of Science degree with a minor in performing arts. It is a rough schedule to keep, but I really enjoy learning and I love being busy. If my acting career takes off, I don’t mind putting school on hold for a bit.

3S: I’ve read you have always had an affinity for the horror genre.  What draws you to these films?

I just watched so many of them when I was growing up, so part of it is definitely nostalgia. I have been drawn to horror, the supernatural, and the occult as long as I can remember. I just find the subject matter really alluring and taboo. I love the look of movies from the 1980s; the lighting, cinematography, and special effects are really iconic.

3S: Horror can be very literary ie. Lovecraft, Barker, etc… yet what do you think makes horror go hand and hand with rock n’ roll, heavy metal, sex, counterculture, T & A and basically sleaze in general?

BIANCA: Horror is a blanket term as there are so many genres and subgenres that fall into the category. Growing up, I was an avid reader of horror, but lately I have not had the luxury of free time to read. Heavy Metal seems to embody the rebellious nature and theatrics of horror.

3S: The role of Pig Bitch in ALBINO FARM really shows a lot of emotion and physicality though you can’t say much more than “grrrrrr” with maybe a “rawwwrrrr” or two thrown in for good measure.  How did you prepare yourself for a role where the character is horribly disfigured and unable to speak?

I did the best I could with the material given to me. I was just so excited to be in film with a decent budget! That being said, I think I have grown tremendously as an actor since playing Pig Bitch. I am proud that I negotiated my contract to allow me to be SAG eligible, though!

3S: I can’t believe that the casting director could have looked at you and said “Perfect! Let’s bury you under prosthetics and turn you into a grotesque!”  I also can’t believe that I watched ALBINO FARM and thought “Wow…she really nailed it!”  That was some intense and scary shit.  Was this a role you picked?    How did you prepare yourself mentally for the transformation?  By the by, I have not been so sincerely chilled by the sight of a hook since CANDYMAN!

BIANCA: Thank you so much! The directors were having a difficult time finding an actress for the role- partly because of the heavy makeup and partly because most did not want to be completely unrecognizable. For me, I really liked the character and I had a lot of previous experience wearing prosthetic makeup. I didn’t care that I would be “ugly” in the film because I was so excited to be working! I have always thought of myself more as a character actor rather than a leading lady, so it seemed natural.

3S: How do you maintain the intensity in your roles?  Both the visceral, physical intensity of Pig Bitch and the emotional intensity of Marlena from IN A SPIRAL STATE seem absolutely exhausting.  

BIANCA: Acting is an escape for me; it is catharsis in its purest form. Pig Bitch had a raw intensity that was visceral, so I just quieted my mind and became primal. It wasn’t difficult for me to draw upon those feelings, maybe because I am a bit too audacious and neurotic. I have trained professionally, but honestly, when on set, I trust my intuition. I can be an extremely intense (and sometimes scary) person, just ask anyone who really knows me! That being said, I am so much more serene now than I was in the past. I have a side to me that is sincerely compassionate, nurturing, childlike, and charismatic; but there is a definite dark side that emanates from my own insecurities and emotional turmoil. I have experienced jubilant highs and wretched lows in my life and those experiences have aided me as a performer. There are some things you can’t learn in a classroom; you have to have survived depravity to truly know its depths.

3S:  I always enjoy learning about what inspires people.  Who or what inspires you personally?  As a genre actress who do you find is your greatest inspiration? Also, overall as a dramatic performer, who has been your muse?

BIANCA: I hate being labeled a genre actress because it feels so limiting. I have several films in pre-production that will allow me to branch out. Growing up, I admired all the quirky, indie actresses like Chloe Sevigny, Winona Ryder, Rose McGowan, Fairuza Balk, and so on. As far as being inspired, a fantastic script really gets me excited.

3S: On a slightly different note, who is your favorite scream queen?

BIANCA: Definitely Linnea Quigley because she has such a unique, sexy voice and rock n’ roll style that I love! Plus, she was Trash in Return of the Living Dead, my favorite ‘80s zombie flick. I had the opportunity to meet her a few years ago and she was so cool and sweet.

3S: Without a doubt the 80s was the era of the big boobs, big hair, big noise scream queen.  Enjoyable as it is it seems that today’s horror fans want more out of their starlets.  Don’t get me wrong… we still dig the boobs, and the ability to scream, maybe not so much the big hair nowadays… So in short we want more!  Sorry to be so demanding there.  What qualities do you think are needed to make a great modern scream queen? 

BIANCA: Personally, I think that scream queens were an eighties phenomenon. I still love horror films and I would love to be in a studio horror flick sometime soon. Even if it is a remake! I just want the experience of being in a widely seen film that goes to theaters.

3S: You’ve gotten to play the Black Dahlia where you made a most exquisite corpse by the way… that is a pretty major coup I think.  Given the chance who else’s life (or death) would you like to re-enact on screen?

BIANCA: On a personal level, I can relate to Louise Brooks and Clara Bow. I have an obsession with the 1920s, so being able to portray a silent film star would be a dream come true. Fictionally speaking, I love Sally Bowles, the tragic heroine of Cabaret. I hope they remake that film soon! I cannot wait to see the remake of The Great Gatsby.

3S: Some of my favorite characters from all forms of media are Modesty Blaise and the Bond Girls with all of their suggestive names.  You are playing Toy London whose name really invokes the same imagery of a badass, independent woman who is out to right a grievous injustice.  Though not a horror production VENGEANCE WEARS A SKIRT still has a title and plot that sounds like it will be a great genre entry akin to any of the classic revenge flicks.  Though its still a work in progress at the moment is there anything you want to share?

BIANCA: The script is amazing and I think it will be a career game changer for me. I cannot wait to get started!

3S: As a horror fan I love W.T.F. with Bianca! How awesome and fun is that pod/vidcast!? Sometimes you give the fans a little dress up action with the evil cheerleader for Cheerleader Camp and Frankenbabe for Frankenhooker. Very cool and something most vidcasters don’t do to go the extra mile.  Is that something you plan to continue doing?

BIANCA: I hope so! This year has been insanely busy for me already. It might just be the last season for a bit.

3S: I know you are hoping to improve your equipment (video & technical you freaks) and do more with your production.  A fundraising campaign preceding Season 2 was successful.  Did you even imagine your podcast and vidcast would garner so much attention so quickly? If I remember right folks were asking you to do longer episodes after Episode 1 (who can blame them)!

BIANCA: No, I didn’t think it would take off. I am so thankful that people enjoy it!

3S: What role is the most fun for you to portray: final girl, victim, or villain? Each role possesses a distinguishing trait; strength for the final girl, tragic flaw for the victim and malevolence for the villain though they are not (hopefully) one dimension characters.  Which trait do you find the most challenging and rewarding to embody? 

BIANCA: I will always choose the villain if I can. They are the most fun to play!

3S: What are the 5 things you can’t live without? 

BIANCA: At this particular moment, I will go with:
1.    Husband
2.    Family
3.   Acting
4.    Dogs
5.    Magick

3S: Any upcoming projects that you are excited about and want to share with your fans?

BIANCA: I’m negotiating contracts for several films this year, so keep your fingers crossed!

3S: Finally, will you ever find the perfect rock n’ roll horror movie?

BIANCA: I don’t know- you’ll have to tune in to the second season of Watch These 
Films to find out!

You can keep up with Bianca on her website:
Stay tuned for more W.T.F. at Horrorphillia:

3S claims no rights to these photos. Permission granted by Bianca Barnett.

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