Indie Flix: Madame Soleil’s Tea Party [Short] (2012)

MADAME SOLEIL’S TEA PARTY was written and directed by Nadine L’Esperance, makeup and effects were by Nadine L’Esperance, filmed and edited by…I think you see where this is going.  About the only thing she didn’t do during production was operate the boom mic but that would be hard to do while shooting.  Nadine L’Esperance is Blue Girl Productions which is a self proclaimed “DIY No-budget B-movie horror film company.”  A lot of fun can happen if you give someone a camera and some imagination and MADAME SOLEIL’S TEA PARTY is a good example.

Madame Soleil decides to get dressed up and have a bit of a tea party.  Instead of inviting people she knows she invites different people who come to her apartment door.  The problem with a good party is that they all end.  Madame has figured out a way to prolong the party; if not forever at least for a very long time.  Her guests are the milkman, a paperboy and a girl scout. Good thing the milkman came along.  How can you have a tea party without the milk?

MADAME SOLEIL’S TEA PARTY is a pretty good example of what can be done with no money.  Why rent an area and spend a ton of money on set decoration if you are’nt doing a period piece?  If you need an apartment use someone’s apartment!  Violence is mostly off screen so only the aftermath needs to be shown and it looks pretty good.  Something as simple as dragging a corpse across the floor becomes very effective when filmed properly.  The film is well shot.  The only issue I had at one point was with eyeline but I get that in real life-being 6’4″ everyone’s eyelines are off…I thought most folks pictures were hanged at 5.5′ off the ground…

The sound was spot on! A six minute movie with about 0.00 cash manages to pull off what indie flix with $75,000 screw up.  The sound was well mixed and there were no elements out of sync.  Of course the sound is great when the film is in French!  I may have mentioned that earlier but the use of French enhances the film’s effect if anything.  A great moment is when the English speaking paperboy has to switch to French.  Very believable as was all of the acting.  The only overacting was where it was intended and generally by the character of Madame Soleil though the milk man was charmingly hammy too.

Keep your eyes peeled if you happen to haunt the festival circuit.  You may be lucky enough to catch MADAME SOLEIL’S TEA PARTY near you.  Like them on Facebook and follow Nadine L’Esperance on Twitter @BlueLEsperance.

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