Indie Flix: Bikini Bloodbath (2006)

First let me preface this by saying I will watch any movie with “bikini” in the title.  BIKINI BLOODBATH is an entertaining horror/comedy romp that is self aware yet not irritating for being so.  The film promises little-basically scantily clad and nude girls trying to not get slashed by a killer chef.  It delivers on both counts.  The film has a bare bones premise: its the night before graduation (I think..) and the seniors are having sleepovers.  The girls all get together and then the football team gets together.  The girls sleepover turns out to be the party that Chef Death decides to crash while the football players’ party runs parallel in an attempt to be humorously homoerotic (it falls pretty flat as low brow as the humor is that concept was doomed to not work on any level).  The highlight being the fat guy doing the Flashdance dance with the bucket of water and everything…
After failing to notice the news on the radio concerning a manhunt for a murderous chef Jenny flashes some skin as she wakes up and begins her day.  The most important part of the school day, gym class, is shown briefly with an extended and chatty shower scene before the girls encounter the football team on their way out of the school to prepare the night’s festivities.
BIKINI BLOODBATH is much more enjoyable than films like GIRLS GONE DEAD mainly because it has heart.  Typically I find two key points where low budget horror flicks differ. Adaptive innovation (ie. We got ten bucks and we still gotta get this throat cut…) and heart-low budget films are still dreck if they prove to be soulless. BIKINI BLOODBATH works because it isn’t too ambitious so issue one doesn’t come up and it has a lot of heart.  Everyone in this thing is giving their all while having fun doing it and it shows.
The plot is merely there to act as the clichéd device on which to hang the film’s primary attractions.  Those being young, scantily clad, nubile women in a seemingly hopeless situation which results in them getting stabbed or something similarly gruesome.  The flick opens with a hot young thing waking up to the obligatory radio news story about a killer restaurateur, Chef Death, on the loose.  As she stretches she flashes some tit and begins her day.  The folks at Blood Bath Pictures bring the boobs early and they bring them often.
Not much to knock on a flick that is as simple and straightforward as this.  The acting is cheesy as intended and the situations play out in ridiculous over the top fashion also as intended.  Sometimes films that are self-aware annoy the ever-living fuck out of me but BIKINI BLOODBATH manages to play it well.  First off there is the thinnest attempt at painting the babes as high school students before they whip out their assets.  Second the killer is a mad chef.  There are great shots of Chef stalking behind tombstones and chasing a victim through forest.  The killer chef concept is ridiculously odd and adds to the films fun.  Throw in a bit part by the always awesome Debbie Rochon and you have the makings for a campy blast.  Check BIKINI BLOODBATH out if you like ham handed, self-aware, slashers that only try to be fun.  Coming up soon will be a review of the sequel, BIKINI BLOODBATH CARWASH.

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