Upcoming Indie Horror: Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher

After hearing murmurings of LEGEND OF THE HILLBILLY BUTCHER on twitter (follow @CarlHenryJessup if you want news as it happens) I have to admit I was more than slightly interested.  This stems from a love of all of idiosyncrasies that come with regional horror films. The settings, the dialect, colloquialisms… all of the trappings. I will be absolutely shocked if a still or reference to moonshine would be missing. Carl Henry Jessup just wants to be left alone. If you don’t cross him you won’t have to fear the Hillbilly Butcher.

Watch the trailer then feast your seeing holes on the images below.

What is it about the backwoods that instills fear in most viewers? The internet has pretty much opened up and made accessible most parts of America yet there is still a lingering dread.  We picture coarse speaking, rough hewn and tough folks yet what is it that scares? I’m not sure. Being one generation removed from family in the Appalachian Mountains I find myself comfortable in the region and at ease with the people. Given a brief bit of time I slip into a somewhat twangy drawl.  But if you put it on screen that shit is down right scary.  

Filmmaker Joaquin Montalvan has released stills from the film several of them seen here for first time.  It looks like a fun backwoods romp if these shots are any indication.



In a lonely backwoods shack, Carl Henry Jessup
spends his days drinkin’ and thinkin’ bout dem
good ole days. With only his half sister, Rae Lynn
and his friend, Billy Wayne, to keep ’em company
he lives an isolated existence. Until folks start
trespassin’ on his property, and Carl gets off his
ass, and becomes the Hillbilly Butcher.

“Legend of the Hillbilly Butcher” is a retro grindhouse Horror film featuring Ron Jason of “The Las Vegas Serial Killer” & “Corpse Grinders 2″, from the deranged mind of Joaquin Montalvan at SLEDGEHAMMER FILMS.


Iffin’ y’all survive it, ya won’t tell mama bout it!


Paul E. Respass as “Carl Henry Jessup”
Theresa Holly as “Rae Lynn”
Chris Shumway as “Billy Wayne”

and introducing

S. E. Feinberg as The Storyteller


“OFFICIAL” twitter:  https://twitter.com/CarlHenryJessup

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