Holidays are Hell: Sint (2010)

SINT, U.S. title SAINT, Netflix Instant title SAINT NICK is a holiday film that is fun for all the family from the Netherlands.  First off a tad bit of background because this isn’t the kindly portly gentleman from the Coca Cola ads.  On mainland Europe, specifically the Netherlands, Belgium, and Northern France the night of December 5th is St. Nicolas’ Day and he comes down the chimney and leaves gifts in the shoes of good children while taking the bad ones to Spain.  He goes by Sinterklass (sounds a tad familiar) or simply De Sint.  He has helpers called Zwarte Pieten or Black Petes.  These are servants who are black and dress as pages.  Their homeland is Spain and it is they who carry the bad children back for Nicolas.  

Now with that out of the way SINT introduces Nicolas as an apostate bishop who leads a band of marauders.  They enter houses through the chimney and frightened townsfolk leave gold and valuables in their shoes along with alcohol and food outside of their door for the brigands.  The bishop and his thugs kill some and terrorize a lot and then nail a list of their demands to the town hall.  It seems the demand of virgins was the straw that broke the camels back and the townsfolk rise up as a pitchfork mob and attack the bishop and his men killing the men ashore and setting fire to the apostate’s ship.

Well as many of you may know–you can’t keep a bad guy down.  The Saint and his entourage returns to Amsterdam every time a full moon falls on December 5th in order to collect his children while killing and pillaging.  Dutch detective Kurt (or Goert) Hoekstra who had been the only survivor of a previous massacre and is now a paranoid wreck and shell of a man.  The other lead is Frank who is a student and Sinterklass performer who comes to be accused of the newest round of attacks.

The unlikely duo team up and battle the burned boogey man and his minions.  The baddies hack and slash their way through the denizens of Amsterdam and their police force in fantastic style.  SINT is a fun and gory romp that puts a new spin on an old story.  Unfortunately Netflix’s streaming offering is dubbed and not subtitled so it was a tad like watching a 70s chop sockey flick.  The voice casting is so horrendous that an older big bald policeman sounds like a cartoon interpretation of an old big bald policeman.  If you can check it out subtitled please do so.

The effects are great and there are several holeee shit what did I just see moments.  Take for example the enraged saint riding his demonic steed across the rooftops of Amsterdam while the police give chase below.  SINT is a highly stylized and fun flick well worth checking out.  Where else can you see Santa take on a Dutch SWAT team? 

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