Upcoming Indie Horror: Burial at Thornhill (2013)

Folks may not know this… but I love Irish horror. From Stoker’s Dracula to RAWHEAD REX I think it is powerful and scary. Always possessing a sense of fearfulness and immanent dread. BURIAL AT THORNHILL is the latest offering from Jason Figgis and October Eleven Pictures. You may remember his post-apocalyptic punch to the gut RAILWAY CHILDREN

THORNHILL’s trailer is set to some disturbing music that has that odd 40’s lilt to it which is always supremely creepy. Throw in intermittent sounds of pure discordia and you’ve got some unsettling music. The narrative of the trailer shows, for the most part, how disturbing seemingly normal images from daily life can be. There is one notable exception used to illustrate just how far Jane has slipped into despair and insanity. You can view the trailer here. I’ve included the official synopsis below.

”Burial at Thornhill” – Synopsis

John (Bryan Murray – Holby City, Casualty, Brookside) and Jane (Cora Fenton – Strength and Honour) are a happily married couple living in Dublin’s sprawling suburbia – until the afternoon their daughter is abducted and murdered. While John quiets his grief in daily routine; Jane has no such recourse to normality and so sinks ever further into torturous insanity. In Jane’s mind, someone needs to pay and pay they will. Peter (Bill Fellows – The Tournament, United, Romans 12:20) is a North of England Architect living in Dublin while overseeing a six month contract. He is soon about to take centre stage in Jane’s terrible fantasies of Vengeance and where Vengeance is concerned; in the mind of the insane…there are no boundaries.

Produced and Directed by JASON FIGGIS

Director of Photography LAURA McGANN
2nd Unit Director of Photography TAINE KING
Sound / 1st Assistant Camera ANDREW LYNCH

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