Goofin’ On Saskratch: Dear God No! (2011)

It’s safe to say that a flick that opens with a gang of bikers offing a priest and nuns in spectacular fashion just might not take itself too seriously.  It is pretty much a biker gang run amok in set pieces of various exploitation film motifs.  

There is nunsploitation, some naziploitation, some of that uncomfortable 70’s sleaze feel like what can be found in THE TRIP and BLOOD MANIA, and of course plenty of bikersploitation.  There is murder, drugs, drink, rape, any of the myriad things you expect from a biker flick and more.

James Bickert brings us a shit ton of sleazy goodness with this trashploitation gem DEAR GOD NO.  He also introduces the genre world to Jett Bryant who is a motherfucking viking.  He plays, aptly enough, Jett who is the president of the 1%er motorcycle club The Impalers.  

This is a whacked out and surreal road they ride.  They will encounter machine gun strippers wearing Nixon masks…let that one soak in for a spell.  They also run into a mad Nazi scientist and Bigfoot!  

At the end of this road lies a cabin in the woods where Bickert treats those lucky enough to take this ride to an orgiastic celebration of biker violence and sleaze. Not to say there isn’t some incredibly over the top uncomfortable stuff, but then again it wouldn’t be a badass biker flick without it would it? The end also seems to be reminiscent of the climactic Saskratch encounter in NIGHT OF THE DEMON although bikers tend to fair a bit better in this flick. 

Fun shit with a phenomenal seventies feel all around. You get blood, boobs, Bigfoot and bikers. Highly recommended and the re-watch value is great.  For some reason anytime is a good time for DEAR GOD NO!

I’ve been assured that there will definitely be more Squatch in the sequel.  A whole Saskratch war in fact. Keep your eyes peeled for FRANKENSTEIN CREATED BIKERS. I know I can’t frickin’ wait.

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