Franchise Fuckery: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Do you hate children and blind consumerism?  Do loud obnoxious commercials with pandering pitchmen spouting banalities send you into a rage?  Have I got the perfect panacea for you.  HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH.  

I have always been a fan of the third installment of the HALLOWEEN franchise and I’ve been one of the folks who thought the anthology idea was a much better concept than what has lead to to yet another series that has how many movies about a gork in a mask?  Not that there is anything wrong with that mind you.  There are just quite a few of them.  

The log line, “The night no one came home,” should have been enough of a heads up for folks expecting another Haddonfield slasher.  Alas this film had a rough chance standing on its own merits while being denigrated by some even saying it isn’t a HALLOWEEN movie.  This flick has a lot going for it.  It is moody as hell and…AND… it has Tom Atkins in it!  Badass.

The plot is such sleazy, crazy ass fun.  An Irish guy settles in the coastal town of Santa Mira…let that sink in for a sec for classic sci-fi/horror fans.  The town is populated by the descendants of Irish immigrants and thrives on the Silver Shamrock Novelties Co.  The company makes some insanely popular masks with a marketing campaign that makes fucking Nike look like rank amateurs.  If you’ve seen the flick you are hearing the damnable music now.  “Shut it down!”   

Conal Cochran, the mask mogul, is actually a witch…and he seems to hate children.  Well humanity in general, but his major plan in reinventing the earth on Samhain is to kill pretty much everyone he can with insects and snakes that crawl out of the mask wearing kiddies head after his psychedelic commercial activates the dormant Stonehenge chip embedded in the masks Silver Shamrock Logo disc all made by Irish androids.  Got it? Good.  If you are of the mind set to bitch about a plot such as that this movie and maybe the genre as a whole isn’t for you.  Time zones don’t matter, reality doesn’t matter, why are you trying to hold it to logic?

The strengths of the film hold up despite its flaws.  The visuals are horrifying.  The silhouettes of children in their masks walking along skylines.  The androids lack of affect.  Dr. Challlis’ drinking, his womanizing, and the manner in which he forgets his children.  All of this sets a great moody tone.  

Check this shit out.  Scream Factory has dropped a phenomenal collector’s edition on DVD and Blu-Ray and they are loaded with features.  The featurette on the making of the flick and the Horror’s Hallowed Ground tour of the film locations.  Lots of fun to be had with this gem.

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