Coming Soon: Alpha Girls

South Fellini productions’ Tony Trov and Johnny Zito are helping to put sororities back on the horror map with ALPHA GIRLS.  This appears to be a well put together film with a well put together female cast! It definitely gives off that 80’s vibe from classic campus carnage flicks a la SORORITY HOUSE MASSACRE, UNNAMABLE II, and the retro slasher THE SLEEPER.  A new student hopes to rush Alpha Beta Sorority and find a new home and a fresh start.  From the synopsis:

Miss Kacie Marie Photo by Andy Lutton

“Hoping to make a fresh start, Morgan (Falon Joslyn) comes to a new school and the sorority she’s heard about all of her life, Alpha Beta.  While her initial greetings from Sorority President Veronica (Nikki Bell) are less than warm, Morgan finds her place in the new rush class amongst her future sisters and a kindred spirit in Cassidy (Beverly Rivera). However the rushes learn that Alpha Beta isn’t as squeaky clean as they think. Alpha House is tainted by other worldly evil.  Morgan must find a way to save herself and her friends from the oncoming darkness.”

Sounds cool, right? Well it gets even better.  Veronica is played by model and former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader Nikki Bell and the lead, Falon Joslyn, provides another fresh new face.  Other members of the cast include a pin-up model (Miss Kacie Marie) and a burlesque entertainer (Christine Fisler). If that isn’t enough for you, how about cameos by Ron Jeremy and Schooly D?  

ALPHA GIRLS promises to be a garden of fleshly delights (maybe not the kind you are thinking) and full of voodoo and black magic campus mayhem.  Check out the trailer below and see if you are ready to pledge Alpha House!  

Follow them on twitter @AlphaGirlsMovie 
Visit their official website.

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