Horror Hotties: Indie Scream Queen of October Beth Messenger!

Dear fiends and fans of independent horror, allow me to introduce the inaugural Independent Horror Scream Queen for Slashers, Starlets, and Sleaze: Beth Messenger!  If you are familiar with independent horror shorts from Catch Me Kill Me Productions you may have seen some of her work without realizing it.  Beth has worked behind the camera at CMKM and now features prominently in several of their short horror films.  

Mack: Hi Beth! First off let me thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions for me.  I can imagine how busy you are with acting and producing with Ian at CatchMeKillMe in addition to running the Catch Me Kill Me Productions website. 
Mack: Did you start out acting in or producing independent horror shorts?
Do you know what happens to girls who bail?
Beth: Um.. ha ha, I suppose it was acting. Ian sent me a text one night and told
me that this girl bailed last minute and he needed a pretty girl who didn’t mind getting naked and that I was the prettiest girl he knew. My first thought was I am not getting naked on camera! He then explained that it was
just suggestive nudity.
Mack: Was that for the CMKM promo shoot?

Beth:  It was! 
Mack: You appear confident in front of the camera.  Was it a difficult shoot for you?

Beth: Not at all, Ian is a really good director! He’s very patient, and descriptive. He explained what I needed to do, when to do it, and remained so professional, he made me comfortable and confident.

Mack: We all have the one film that hooked us on horror.  Mine was a late night Fritz the Nite Owl showing of RE-ANIMATOR.  What film really got its
hooks into you?
She’s here to watch your horror flicks.
Beth: When I was a child my mom made me spend the night at this woman’s house and one time I found her NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET collection, over that weekend I watched every one that she owned and from that point I loved horror movies up until The Ring. That movie scared me so bad that I wasn’t able to use the bathroom alone, sleep alone, and when i took showers I would huddle against the faucet. Til this day, I bring the dogs into the bathroom with me! Finally Ian convinced me to watch horror movies again about a year and a half ago, we watched FROZEN by Adam Green but the movie that got me hooked again was SILENT HILL!
Mack: Which genre actresses do you most admire?
Beth: Jodelle Ferland! Man, she is so freaking scary! She’s this beautiful, shy, 
sweetheart in real life but this terrifying, almost unreal person in film.
Mack: In what ways have any of them influenced your work?
Beth: Any movie with Jodelle Ferland is influence enough, ha ha but also Jessica Biel in TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE when she covers her mouth and cries, you feel her pain and fear through the screen, So I use that scene as motivation I remember how I felt watching it and I want those watching me to feel the same way. Also Marilyn Monroe, without any sound, you know her emotions you can still follow the story- I use a lot of over exaggerated motions like in The Bad Man, I would flail my arms about to come off more panicked, because if you were to mute my screaming, without the flailing I’d be just be another runner. 
Mack: Anyone who has made the mistake of watching THE BAD MAN with the computer’s volume turned up can attest to your ability to scream. (If you click the link turn it down unless you really hate your ears or speakers!) Did you practice this around the house or at work before you began shooting or was that something you just cut loose cold?
Beth: No practice! Its just my lungs! I’m told to scream- so I scream. I impressed myself with the audio trailer for The Hog, we did that 27 times, non-stop, I remember at take like 17, Ian was saying we had it but with
every take I got better and louder, I came up with these little things to say or to bang on, but at take 27 my hand was ripped open, dripping blood from a wire and my legs were pretty bruised so he called it quits.
Maybe “Suicide Girl Next Door”?

Mack: You bring a distinctive look to your roles.  You’re hot and edgy and fall somewhere between “girl next door” and “Suicide Girl.”  It gives you an air of strength and still vulnerable enough to find yourself in a
slasher scenario.  What do you think will be the feature or features that will define the scream queens of the current independent horror era? 
Beth: I am a stickler for tradition! You still need the boobs and lungs! But exceptions can be made. Take me for example; I am a smaller chested woman, I make up for it with my butt, lungs, and physique. Scream Queens will always
have to have the lungs! If you don’t have a blood curdling scream you don’t have what it takes.
Mack: You definitely do.  Speaking of physique you do some modeling work as well don’t you?

Beth: Yes! I’ve modeled for a clothing boutique, a pin up calendar, model mayhem, and soon for BlackFlagTV
More than making up for it.

Mack: Scream queens of the 80s and 90s only needed a few things to be able to carry (or sink) the flick they were in: boobs, lungs and the ability to kill or be killed in a spectacular fashion.  Which roles do you prefer, the victim as in THE BAD MAN or the killer as in BLOODY MARY?
Not yet Beth! Maybe you can be the killer next time.
Beth: Oh I love being the killer! I get really nervous when I have lines to remember! Plus, ever sense I was a child I always liked the villains! When people die in horror movies, let not lie, they deserve it!
Mack: Which short film has been your favorite so far?
Beth: THE BAD MAN, I found strength that I didn’t know I had. I broke my toe the day before filming- I caught my pinky toe on a door frame. There was no way in hell that I was going to back down from this role, so that morning I hobbled in, forced myself into the shoes, and ran. Take after take, I’d run, hobble over, and do it again. Ian kept telling me that I could take a break but I knew once that shoe came off it wasn’t going back on. I felt like I had done a horrible job, I was freezing, my foot hurt, I felt my fall was too fake and forced and I was so scared I was going to disappoint everyone but I arrived and saw the movie and I was really proud of myself, that even though it was cold, I was hurt, I was still able to pull it off, and play my character to her fullest.
She’s tough. Strong too…

Mack: Was that also your favorite role or is there another?
That looks really friggin’ good without using latex…oh, “Boo!”
Beth: My favorite role so far is BLOODY MARY, this years Halloween short, It’s the first time I get to be ugly. I have a severe allergy to latex, so I can’t wear any prosthetics that we have. Our make-up artist, Don Carlos, is a
genius and using regular makeup we were able to completely transform the way that I look!
Mack: Which short film was your biggest challenge so far?  Either as a producer or as an actress?
Beth: As a Producer it was Lullaby, the first company that I went through was running me in a circle, they weren’t cooperative and it was very stressful. Thankfully our usual company did me a huge kindness and made us a prosthetic that was no longer in stock! They’re awesome! As an Actress it was definitely THE BAD MAN!

Mack: Any plans on representing CMKM on the convention or festival circuit?

Mack: I’m looking forward to this year’s Halloween flick, BLOODY MARY.  Do you have anything else coming up at CMKM for horror fans?

Beth: Well, January will be my first ComicCon! I’m a spokes model for BlackFlagTV, we’re known as BlackFlagTV Babes so I will be up in Phoenix spreading the good word! CMKM has other films that are being opened for discussion, casting, and scheduling, so we have a lot of surprises and wicked stories to tell like I’ll be in a flash back for The Bad Man II, and also Ill be a zombie in our upcoming epic trilogy! 

Mack: Any plans on representing CMKM on the convention or festival circuit?

Beth: I heard there’s a chance this year, but ya know, its just a rumor, right?. 😉

Mack: Hopefully that works out and more horror fans will be introduced to your work.  Thanks Beth!

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