Coming Soon: Live-In Fear (2012)

Are you ready for a winter of discontent? Iodine Sky Productions and Monsterworks66 weave a snowbound tale of murder and terror.

LIVE-IN FEAR stars Arielle Brachfeld (THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE), Chris Dorman (8.13), Sarah Greyson (ROAD RULES), and David Lautman.  Producer and actress Maria Olsen (THE HAUNTING OF WHALEY HOUSE, VILE, and PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 3) appears in a supporting role.

The film’s story centers around four 20-somethings who go to a ski resort in Utah for a weekend of recreation and relaxation in order to get away from the rat race that is Los Angeles.  What they find there is a morass of cult-inspired mayhem, murder and mutilation that they may not survive…

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