The Dead Want Women (2012)

This film doesn’t have your typical Full Moon opening credit sequence.  Instead this utilizes flying frames showing scenes from silent movies as the credits glide by starting off greyscale and changing into a crisp red color.  Fairly impressed by the combination of the pleasant opening, a lead role by Eric Roberts, and dead people wanting…women; I thought why not?  This movie was actually decent, Much better than I expected.

Silent star Rose Pettigrew is celebrating the opening of her latest film with a gala celebration.  Unfortunately for her it is the eve of the talkies and she has a the horrendous voice of a harpy.  Rose and her closest friends, Sonny Barnes, Tubby Fitzgerald, and Erik Burke eschew the event and retreat to the hidden subterranean cave off of Rose’s upstairs bedroom… The friends fulfill a who’s who of the early cinema era.  Rose is the ingenue, Sonny is the lead gunslinger in the oaters, Tubby is the stooge, and Erik is either the vampire or magician–take your pick the filmmakers seemed to enjoy mashing his character up.  

In the cave a full frontal orgy unfolds as two fully nude flappers portrayed by porn starlets Jeanne Marie Sullivan and Misty Anderson are brought down to the gang.  After a lengthy tryst one of the girls bites Tubby’s lip so she is promptly gutted after he has finished impaling her.  The others are oddly nonplussed by this event.  They are enraged, however, when Rose’s butler walks in on the Bacchanal.  He is there to inform her that the studio has deep sixed her career and is going with starlets who can talk.  She flips out kills her three besties plus hottie blonde who will not wear a shred for the rest of the film.  She goes to the waterfall and before all of her guests announce how her star is extinguished and gruesomely slits her throat.  Thus ends the first act and long assed set up the likes of which only Full Moon can provide.

From that point the film stumbles onward to its surprisingly good conclusion and final set piece chase scene.  Along the way we are offered up two more choice blondes Danni and Reese who play the realty team who is trying to sell the abandoned mansion.  I don’t know how Charlie does it but he always brings top shelf babes to the screen and he isn’t afraid to go all Jim Wynorski with the tits and ass either.  The second act is not as entertaining as the first and slows and hiccups but plays well as a haunted house flick and the final act is just madcap fun with a wonderful ending.

THE DEAD WANT WOMEN has reinvigorated a feeling that I thought was gone for ever.  The giddy childlike glee I felt watching PUPPET MASTER, SUBSPECIES or SEED PEOPLE for the first time.  The single sprawling house/hotel setting, gorgeous women eager to shed their clothes and effects that aren’t amazing but adequate.  I now can’t wait for the Full Moon tingle.  The last time I felt it was years ago with NETHERWORLD and through my own fault lost sight of this gem of a company.  The acting is over-the-top hammy goodness as should be expected from archetypical characters.  Eric Roberts is obviously having a fun romp as Sonny.  He chews scenery and paws boobs with almost reckless abandon.  

Check this flick out. The IMDB rating does not do it justice at all.

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