American Horror Story: Asylum Episode 1 (TV 2012)

I missed the boat on the first season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY…ok, ok…I missed the whole damn ocean.  But I stand firm that ya’ll can’t blame me for it.  After all two of the key players involved in this series are involved with fucking GLEE.  I wasn’t going to watch something spawned of tweens flailing across stage lip-syncing Top 40 Ryan Seacrest shit. (Ryan, if you are reading this, you were the fucking man on BLIND DATE.  Big fan, big fan.)  Last time had Dylan McDermott whom I dug in HAMBURGER HILL when he played Charlie Sheen and some hot, sultry dead maid chick.  So I fucked up and passed on it.  

Seeing the previews for AMERICAN HORROR STORY: ASYLUM made me giddy with anticipation.  This thing looked loud, angry, frenetic and vicious.  And boy howdy did the first episode deliver on all counts.  Jessica Lange is wonderfully bent as the Nurse Ratchet like nun who heads the asylum at Briarcliff.  The setting is shockingly dark, dank and real as the walls seem to exude that musty old house smell.  The rooms are tight and cramped; the hallways and staircases are foreboding.  

I was hooked the moment that a pinhead jumped in the foreground and demanded that someone play with her.  This is a moody and macabre show for sure.  The real treat though are the performances.  For me, James Cromwell is the one to watch.  This guy fucking delivers the goods.  You will never be able to think of the ubiquitous character actor again after seeing him as Dr. Arden.  

This show is packed with so many top shelf starlets you may think Charlie Band produced it…but no.  In addition to Ms. Lange we are treated to Chloe Sevigny, Lily Rabe, Clea DuVall, Sara Paulson, and ex-model/dancer and full time hottie Jenna Dewan-Tatum.  But worry not dear lasses for I can provide one spoiler and one spoiler only…you will get to see some man ass in the season opener!

The camera work, editing, music, and a strong story drive this to the top of my must watch list.  I can’t help but feel ill at ease as the story unfolds and the serialization drives me crazy.  I’m not used to a story that isn’t wrapped up in 48 minutes!

If the rest of the season carries on with the same atmosphere and quality acting as this premiere episode we are in for a real treat!

Welcome to Briarcliff!

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