Indie Flix: Impetuous (2012)

IMPETUOUS is a locked room type of thriller with a cast of three.  It is written, produced and directed by Dave Thorpe.  Shot by Paddy O’Connor, edited by Mark Smyth with music by Phil Bennetts.  Clocking in at just under 13 minutes the film capably tells the story of three friends and their horrific ordeal.

Desmond (James Martinez), Ross (Shane Whoriskey), and Kerrie (Aislinn Ní Uallacháin) are on their was to party discussing wether or not there is someone at the party that they fancy.  Desmond wrecks and the gang never reach the party.  

Kerrie awakens to find that she is bound in an abandoned garage full of junk and Desmond is downstairs with her handcuffed to a car.  Noticing Ross is missing Desmond questions wether he has anything to do with their current situation and Kerrie is incredulous stating he may be dead at the side of the road.

Kerrie hears Desmond ask “Who are you?” and then falls silent.  The captor advances upstairs and proceeds to sexually assault Kerrie while she is on the floor handcuffed to a bedpost.  Desmond later asks if their kidnapper did anything to her which she denies.  The second time the clown masked abductor appears Kerrie has worked herself free of her bonds and manages to stab him with a hunk of metal.  She is quickly knocked out.

When she awakens she finds Ross lying in front of her dead.  She and Desmond talk about the people they were interested in at the party the surprise is that for Kerrie it was Ross and for Desmond it was…surprise-Kerrie.  Desmond escapes and runs upstairs and frees Kerrie.  All is not well for Kerrie though.  She sits horrified as she realize the identity of her kidnapper.

Kerrie realizes this when she notices the injury to Desmond’s arm.  It is in the exact location where she stabbed the kidnapper.  Through a series of well edited flashbacks it is shown that the clown faced killer was actually Desmond.  The flashbacks reveal how he injured himself as part of the charade and how he would don and doff the clown mask as needed.  The film ends without catharsis.  There is no rescue, there is no resolution.  What happens to Kerrie is whatever the viewer may want to happen to her.  

The story as a whole is the typical love triangle type of plot.  The spurned man tries to get the woman and overcome his competition.  The execution of this is dark and foreboding.  What length will some people go to?  Desmond has no bounds.  The only critique of execution is that it is a bit confusing as to why Desmond is handcuffed to a car downstairs…Kerrie is trapped upstairs so there is no need to stretch the charade so far.  

Technical aspects are sound.  The shots are well framed and the transitions are generally good.  The film is well edited as well.  The only real critique I have is stylistic.  The cuts to black are a little overused and wrench the viewer out of the narrative and take them from the within the story to being a passive observer.  The soundtrack is fitting and the timing for the cues is spot on.  

IMPETUOUS is currently making the festival circuits and has been nominated for several awards including winning Best Horror Short at the 2012 Naas Short Film Festival.  

You can find out more about the film and upcoming screenings on the IMPETUOUS Facebook page!

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