Remakes, Reboots, Rehashings and Reimaginings.

There’s a VIDEODROME remake being bandied about?   What?!  Oh yeah, I heard about that too.  Bruce Campbell digs the new EVIL DEAD remake.  I’m excited about the new MANIAC remake. I loved the Zombie HALLOWEEN redos.  I thought the TCM remake was entertaining and introduced us to some smoking hot starlets. I plan to check out TEXAS CHAINSAW 3D at some point.  THE HILLS HAVE EYES sucked ass-don’t get me wrong it was well made but it just didn’t click with me. How do you put such a strong message in a cannibalistic gork movie? What the fuck.  I didn’t even bother with its sequel.

Everytime I turn around there’s a remake being released or in the works.  Someone has decided to take someone’s golden calf and melt it down and cast anew as well…something that kinda looks like the first calf.  You’re not sure if it looks better or worse yet so you have to take a closer look.  That’ll cost you $10 and now the guy who recast it can say, “Here! Lookit the money! People want this and want to pay for it!” So something else will be remade.  Gah.

Sooo…I don’t know what the fuck to think overall about remakes.  THE CRAZIES and STAR TREK were frickin’ great.  I enjoyed seeing some Tom Atkins jaw ripping action in MY BLOODY VALENTINE 3D.  I cringe at the fucking gritty assed sleazy realism in RZ’s HALLOWEEN. Holy shit is Michael’s stepdad my neighbor? Hell LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT was alright even though I have no idea why it was remade!  

In the end I check them out with the caveat that I do so generally on disk.  The notable exceptions being HALLOWEEN, H2 FRIDAY THE 13th (also one I think is under appreciated) STAR TREK and the upcoming exception for MANIAC.  For every good remake there is A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET remake. 

 Hollywood tries to play the safe card and goes back to the well.  If it flops they’re out the production budget because they generally already hold the rights so it’s a tad bit cheaper. The fan base is built in so the advertising costs will be a bit lower.  Oh well. I will watch an original flick over a remake any day.  The way I see it is if you want steak and are offered bologna you’ll eat it anyway if you’re hungry.

My two bits folks.  Stay hungry for horror ya’ll. I think the posters add a decent contrast. Interesting how the originals do not emphasize the villain to the extent the new ones do. What do you think? Do you dig remakes or not?

2 thoughts on “Remakes, Reboots, Rehashings and Reimaginings.

  1. I dig some remakes, but I will admit, I don't care for the majority of the ones I've seen. I like Rob Zombie's Halloween, John Carpenter's The Thing, and the remake of Mother's Day. Some remakes I don't care for as much are: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, A Nightmare On Elm Street, and The Wicker Man. I'm also very uncomfortable with how quickly foreign films are remade, because I feel like they don't even get a chance to be seen by many Americans before the remakes are released. It's also much easier to find a remake of a foreign film, rather than the original, unfortunately. But now I'm rambling, so I'll just say I think that some classics shouldn't be touched. I just hope they never remake Jaws.


  2. I love RZ's Halloween. The Thing is a rarity where it surpasses the original by leaps and bounds. I should check out Mother's Day. I liked TCM but mainly for the modern update of the cast (read Jessica Biel… ) The bees part of Wicker Man is unreal but for all of the wrong reasons. I agree on the foreign films whole heartedly. I love the Argentinian flick Cold Sweat (Sudor Frio) and hope Hollywood keeps its grubby paws off of it. I haven't seen Silent House because I want to see the original first too. There are some seriously untouchable ones out there. For me one is definitely Re-Animator but with the success of the musical I'm afraid its a matter of time.


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