Indie Flix: MOLD! (2009)

MOLD! has a distinct 1950s sci-fi feel to it.  It’s basically a locked room sci-fi thriller that takes place at U.S. military research facility suitably located in the middle of the desert.  Its set during the mid 1980s Reagan era.  The military is trying to one up the communists and this newly developed strain of weaponized mold may just be the ticket.  Gathered together are the congressman who sponsored the project, the colonel who oversees the experiment and all of the scientists who have been working on the project.  This strain of mold has been designed to destroy the Columbian coca fields striking a killing blow in the drug war with the cartels.

This virulent mold is kept in a very clean and controlled environment within the lab.  Needless to say, the mold gets out and begins to spread at alarming rates.  Helpless to combat the spread the scientists retreat to a securable room.  The colonel’s aide has turned into a mold covered mutant hell bent on the killing the scientists.  It turns out that part of the troubles are due to a CIA plot to weaponize the deadly mold.  

The film is able to keep things interesting despite the locked room setting by revealing relationships among the staff and allowing the actors to ham it up in spectacular fashion.  Edward X. Young does a remarkable job of chewing the scenery in this fun flick.  The desert location of the lab lends itself to the paranoia and isolation that MOLD! develops so well.  Adding to the camp factor is a large amount of grue and gore and a plot that allows for the female scientist to spend a good part of the movie running around in her lingerie.  While this movie is a fun and campy experience it is also dark and a tad nihilistic.  The dark humor hits all the right notes especially in the way it establishes a McCarthy era feel.  

MOLD! is available from the folks at Wild Eye Releasing.

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