Goofin’ On Saskratch: Night of the Demon (1980)

It’s gritty, and it’s sleazy.  It may be the most violent and gory Bigfoot movie ever made.  It has that washed out grind house look to it.  The majority of the shots are exteriors.  There are no establishing shots, just the claustrophobic close in shots that help enhance the tight and unknown forest.  It really helps keep the tension up knowing that the monster can be just outside of frame.  I watched the Code Red Maria’s Midnight Mayhem release of the flick and it was a pretty good picture overall.

Professor Nugent was found roaming the woods injured and disfigured rambling nonsense.  He begins to explain events to an inspector searching for five missing college students.  Turns out the prof organized a Bigfoot hunting party involving some of his students and friends.  Like all Bigfoot movies this one has to have an academic lecture explaining the mythology surrounding the creature.   I guess no one anywhere fucking knows shit about the legend.  Well since we are in the big flashback of the framework story it is time to begin the flashback within a flashback cycle every five minutes.

That’s Bigfoot.  That thing he is swinging is a guy in a sleeping bag.

This is such a wacky and sick ass flick.  Like most late 70s and early 80s yokel opera creature features this thing goes totally off the rails.  I don’t really consider that a problem because to counter balance the odd plot hole, shockingly detailed introduction or camera scrutiny on a character just to have them fade into the background, and other gaffes; this picture has the most badass and violent Saskratch to ever rip an arm from someone’s socket!

If you’re willing to do shit like this to a fucking Girl Scout, I will give you a lot of leeway on the narrative…

There are a lot of issues with the flick but as I mentioned above they are forgivable.  There are exposition dumps every few minutes, often followed by a flashback that shows what was explained in the flashback segue.  Each flashback has a few seconds or a minute before the big guy comes in and fucks shit up.  The students have to take a boat to get to Bigfoot country though one of the people Bigfoot killed in the past was riding along on a motorcycle.  There’s even a Moloch worshipping cult of yokels with a Bigfoot effigy.  Nugent and company break up what appears to be the rape of a young woman in some bizarre sex ritual.  That sheriff we saw previously is featured prominently once again.  Guess what?  That’s the only time you see the fucking cult and the last time you see the sheriff!  

When the dick in the box gag goes very, very wrong.

The gore in this thing is off the hook.  Bigfoot pretty much makes two Girl Scouts stab each other to death in a macabre game of “quit hitting yourself.”  Someone gets their dick ripped off while they are taking a piss, I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything remotely like that in a movie before.  There are impalements and many other slow painful deaths on display.  The good prof gets his face cooked as a bit of punishment for leading all of his students and friends into squatch country and getting them all killed.  Many of which in a brutal fucking third act battle royal in a small shack.

“But Bigfoot is watching us!” “Shut up baby just keep fucking.”

As far as the rundown goes this hits all the sleaze and exploitation high points.  High body count, hill billies, cults, boobs, teens fucking during extreme danger, blood, gruesome killings–all the ones that can be expected.  This thing transcends though.  The plot development that our Bigfoot is the last of its kind and needs to continue its species’ survival is unique.  He proceeds to rape a fifteen year old girl and she conceives.  The product is what you expect a fucked up gorkish half human half sasquatch mutation.  Religious wacko father fucking kills the baby.  Which brings his daughter’s wrath down on him Carrie style.  

He’s here to chew bubble gun and rip your dick off, you guessed it–he’s all out of bubble gum.

Check this thing out.  It’s the baddest, dick rippingest, rapingest Saskratch movie you’ll see.  It’s a bad mother fucker that will rip your arms from your sockets like a pissed off wookie.  

I for one will never bitch about the inclusion of Maria and her talents before and after each Maria’s B Movie Mayhem feature from Code Red.  NIGHT OF THE DEMON is available from Code Red DVD here.  Thanks to Bill at Code Red for making this thing happen! 

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