Dark Thoughts: Independent and Foreign Horror

They Took Our Jobs! is the category I use to blog about foreign features. That name is just a bit facetious because the shit that I see getting churned out doesn’t deserve the 90 minutes to watch it.  I can’t help but think that with an exceptional few, many being under appreciated folks working in Indie film, that American horror film is struggling.  Struggling greatly.  Hollywood horror has become McDonaldized. Its slower, less agile, more bloated–like me after I discovered the ease of fast food, and it has lost its edge. Everything is either rated PG13 or it just sucks. I realized that one of the upcoming films that I was most excited for is a remake and another film that I greatly anticipated was a sequel to a remake. Maniac! and Piranha 3DD.  

I am still stoked for Maniac! but I am a bit skeered now because John Gulager (what the fuck, man? I liked your other shit!) took my sincere hopes, nay dreams, for a badass horror/gore respite during the summer blockbuster doldrums and he fucking shit all over me.  I got the Cleveland Steamer AND the Cincinnati Chili no.4, What the Fuck?  Another example that comes to mind is The Hills Have Eyes by Aja. I like his stuff but this thing is shit too.

I have been pleased by offerings of independent filmmakers and foreign filmmakers. I loved Cold Sweat, [REC] series, Orphanage and the kind.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the feature Dead Weight and the short Teddy.  What do our folks in Hollywood give us?  Battlship, Piranha 3DD, Chernobyl Diaries, Dark Fucking Shadows, etc… it is either absolute shit or tripe based off of video and board games and then don’t get me started on a fucking remake.

What do we import? The Raid and The Road two badass flicks.  Back to the indies Dead Hooker in a Trunk, Grave Encounters, Dead Weight these folks are breaking their asses making some awesome edgy shit. These movies are harsh, fierce and they work.  The budgets are low but the imagination and the creativity help produce quality shit without relying too heavily on CGI. Big name releases can’t say that, right Weinsteins?  

Do yourself a favor. Get something with subtitles or pick up an independent. Check out something different.

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