Franchise Fuckery: Witchboard 2 The Devil’s Doorway (1993)

The best part of the movie…

I loved NIGHT OF THE DEMONS! For that flick alone I will always check out Kevin Tenney’s shit.  Though WITCHBOARD was not by any stretch a good movie I like it for what it is; WITCHBOARD 2: THE DEVIL’S DOORWAY is not a good movie.  The only connection it has to its predecessor is as tenuous as the Ouija’s connection with the hereafter unless you count an 80% recycling of the script.

But how can we get the board into her hands?

The usual weird possession/dream sequences are there.  The board pretty much falls from the sky (or closet but still same thing).  Ami Dolanz is hot, hot, hot providing a suitable stand-in for Tawny Kitaen, but there is a distinct lack of nudity (what the fuck?).  Like the first the kills are few in number and with one notable exception they are uninspired.  Laraine Newman plays the annoying as fuck idiot hippie neighbor, not that hippies are idiots mind you (just this one).

The good news is she’s hot. The bad news is she eats paint.

Besides the bronzed blonde rocking bodied goddess that is Ami Dolenz we get Ben Gazera’s whore from ROADHOUSE. I think they may have actually paid Julie Michaels extra to keep her puppies on leash.  Their hotness shines through despite to the ridiculous mildly revealing and white clothing of the early 1990s.  There isn’t much going on in the T & A even though use of the Ouija decreases inhibition and increases libido.  All Ms. Dolenz can muster up is some bangin’ short Daisy Dukes and a midriff revealing tie off.

This movie is ridiculous on the front loading. It is a 98 minute flick with 75 minutes of front loading. Fuck it’s slower than shit.  Thank goodness that fucking Laraine Newman dies in such a spectacular splatter.  The only real highlights than Newman’s death and the clothing restrained hotness of Ami Dolenz are technical.  By technical I am referring to the badass boom mic and camera mounts that appear in frame!  That’s right Laserblast fans…you will get more vehicle mounted cameras than you’re used to seeing.   

Behold the special effects wizardry.

As a whole this is a real snoozer.  The plot isn’t too terribly disjointed it just seems to meander on occasion while plodding along at a painfully slow pace.  I understand why this has not gotten a DVD release, and I should caution all who are interested in seeing this flick even as an example of awfulness.  It’s boring, more boring than the first. I have no clue why a sequel was needed so many years later.

Since all I could find were pictures of this Ami Dolenz star vehicle I’ve included the retailer trailer to give you more of a taste. Enjoy.

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