Indie Flix: Killer School Girls From Outer Space (2011)

I love independent movies and I always look for something positive to say about them.  Unfortunately other than the attractiveness of the talent there isn’t much to say. The filmmakers have a grand scope but execute it poorly. I’m never optimistic if a film I’m watching begins with a tribute or an explanation how Roger Corman had such a great influence on them.  Sadly, this did not give me reason to change my way of thinking.  Thank goodness it was only 68 minutes.  

The destruction of a planet at the beginning leaves the viewer wondering what the hell the rest of the flick is about.  The killer school girls engage and destroy a group of soldiers then blow the fuck out of the planet.  Their father, played by Ron Jeremy, orders them to the last planet that poses a problem.  Yep.  Earth.  But they don’t go with the bomb at first they go with the hand lasers.  The head alien gets pissed at the girls for not finishing earth off quickly and they say the local yokels are more powerful and challenging than they anticipated… they blew the shit out of town and killed most of the people they encountered yet earth is too damn tough.  They decide to use the bomb but for whatever reason the QB Kid chucks it at the ship and blows it up leaving earth intact.  Cheap ass planet destroying bomb.  The story is pretty straight forward though dull.  The real surprise is that there is a nice pair on display for a brief moment though it comes across as awkward instead of salacious.

The Sheriff’s office is an airport office that has some generic wanted posters up while leaving all of the flight information and fuel info up on the walls along with plane photos and ephemera.  A small bit more attention to detail would have gone a long way to make that set just a little better.  

It seemed most of the film was shot in front of a green screen and the CGI was overdone and very distracting.  The joy of Corman lies in his no money practical effects.  Shit you can hold and fondle.  The movies he directed just aren’t that good.  The shit he produced and hired others to direct however is a hoot.  So I guess they succeeded in that regard.  

The shots are poorly framed and alternate between looking like they were shot by someone who is 5′ tall and someone who is 6’6″.  There are no eye-lines at all.  The lighting is horribly flat.  It seems there only one kreig light used the whole time.  Actors spend a lot of their time interacting with objects that are not even on screen and there is no sense of blocking so not only is it off-putting it is confusing because the movements of the players make no sense. 

I don’t understand why people try to make “bad” movies trying to be witty.  Why not try to make something good.  I hate to say it but a palate cleanser was required.

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