Thing That Should Not Be: C.H.U.D. II: Bud the C.H.U.D. (1989)

If you are expecting a sequel to C.H.U.D. keep looking. The C.H.U.D.S. don’t look the same and this bears hardly any resemblance save the title. This flick looks more like a horror version of Weekend at Bernie’s–if Bernie was a walking talking brain munching machine.  The cast includes Bianca Jagger, Robert Vaughn, Rich Hall, Norman Fell, and June Lockhart!  This thing is kind of crazy, it looks fairly big budget for a direct-to-video.   It opens with a doctor carrying a needle full of Re-animator green stuff to kill the last C.H.U.D.  Quickly following is an additional nod to Re-animator a black cat leaps out of a closet.  

Two high school students lose their biology class’s cadaver and naturally decide to go steal another one.  They decide to go to the podunk town’s disease control center which is run by the military and they steal the Army’s last remaining C.H.U.D.  If the subtitle didn’t already give it away his name is Bud.  They accidentally wake him up and think it was a mix of bubble bath and electricity that brought the sea back to life.  Hilarity ensues with Bud going around town turning many people into Chuds.  This film uses the cliche denouement at the high school–recently NEON MANIACS comes to mind.

Gerrit Graham steals the show staggering, mugging, and uttering one liners.  Robert Vaughn is hilarious as well as the scenery chewing Colonel Masters.  As for the other big names in the flick, they have bit parts at best.  The end brings up a true what the fuck moment.  From brainless or almost brainless zombie like creatures they suddenly become Jesse Hooker’s clan from NEAR DARK.

Overall it is much more comedy than horror and the comedy is real cornball type shit.  For an R rated flick it leaves a lot to be desired.  There are approximately zero breasts on display and the gore is weak at best.  Not really a good movie but worth watching just for Graham’s performance as Bud.  Memorable Line:  “Chudism is a disease that can’t be stopped a perfect plague if you will.”

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