Indie Flix: Teddy (2011)

See what I mean? That bear is fucked up…

TEDDY is a slasher short produced by the folks at the aptly named Slasher Studios.  The picture is well shot, well edited, and the effects work out due to the use of good camera work and practical gags.  The story never overreaches or pretends to be something that it isn’t.  These help the story to establish its setting without being betrayed by budgetary limitations. 

The story is simple and straightforward.  Teddy watches as his father is run down while trying to wave down help to repair his car.  The four drunken twenty-somethings express differing emotions after this event and end up pushing the body off of the road–can’t let anything like a dead yokel interrupt a camping trip!  What’s a mute and disturbed young man supposed to do after witnessing such callousness?  If you guessed find solace in his creepy Teddy Bear and go on a gore filled killing spree–maybe for revenge or maybe for fun?  You would be right!


The group of now longevity impaired young people are straight out of the slasher handbook for necessary characters.  They are headed up by the brutish Clay who bullies and bellows keeping Dana enthralled and Jenny somewhat annoyed and Aaron cowed.  At first I found the over the top and boisterous manner of Clay off-putting but came to enjoy it after subsequent viewings.  It was blustery and fun kind of like Travis Van Winkle from 2009’s FRIDAY THE 13TH remake.  

Once again, see what I mean?  Hot…

This wouldn’t be a Slashers, Scream Queens, and Starlets review without a few comments on any eye-candy.  TEDDY, being an homage to 80’s slashers of course has some to offer.  Dana is the hot girl–Clay’s girlfriend of course–and she is really fucking hot; always something nice to see in an indie offering!  The earnest yet weak willed good guy is Aaron and he is roughly treated by both Clay and Teddy.  Jenny plays a compassionate final girl who is regretful over the accident but still falls in line with the others.  

Good gore.

There is a lot of good shit compressed into a mere few minutes.  Teddy’s bear looks off the hook crazy as shit with a missing eye and haphazard stitching across its mouth.  Throw in the continuous poking and prodding worryingly at the same spots on the bear and you have a creepy and unnerving character even before he goes full on bat shit crazy on the kids.  Of course there is an obligatory sex in the tent scene.  It’s shot tastefully–dammit!–but throws in some humorous dialog.  The kills are well done and the gore delivers.  The only thing missing is a hero but that would have really jammed up the pacing of this tightly knit little slasher.  That and Teddy would have just had to kill him in the end anyway.  

What can I say?  My only critique is that there wasn’t more of it!  Check it out you can get it on the cheap at

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