News: Independent Horror- Salacious Pictures

Like what you’re peepin’ at?  Me too.  We need some more of it!

“Been quiet here since I went on vacation, where I re-evaluated some existing plans and started cooking up all sorts of crazy new schemes. Today, the most insane idea I’ve ever had came to me… 
I want to shoot a complete feature film on a budget of just $100. That’s $100 for everything – cast, crew, locations, craft services, equipment, the whole nine yards. And I don’t mean a 49 minute arthouse “movie” with some pretentious schmuck sitting in a chair delivering a monologue about how screwed up his family is and how different men are from women. I’m talking about an honest-to-goodness, 70+ minute genre picture, complete with horror and hot girls and plenty of marketable exploitation elements to attract a home video distributor.

I don’t want to go through Kickstarted or Indiegogo or, either. $100, out of pocket. Change from underneath the couch cushions, combined with whatever I can get selling my gently used items to Half Price Books.

So what is my brilliant idea for a $100 feature film? I don’t have a friggin’ clue! But I know in my cholesterol-clogged heart and beer-bloated gut that there are folks right here in Central OH with the imagination and drive to help me make it happen!”

Hmmm…Sounds like the ramblings of a mad man to be sure.   I happen to know this mad man though and if we taunt him enough this may just happen!  The guy behind it all has penned more than a couple scripts and has been involved both in front of and behind the camera.  He knows what it takes to make an indie flick.  A Salacious Pictures production would definitely be akin to something you would see on a Joe Bob Briggs show–if he still did them dammit.  I am curious as to what could come of this.  Somekind of bastard child of Jim Wynorski and Roger Corman perhaps?  Monsters? Busty co-eds?  Both hopefully.

Make sure you check out the Salacious Pictures Facebook page for updates:

By the way…If you are in the Central OH area you may want to check out those “gently used” things at the east side Columbus Half Price Books.  He generally has some pretty decent stuff.  We used to 
play vulture to each other whenever anyone sold anything.  

The working title is Bikini Death Hunt!  Sounds good to me!

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