It Had A Sequel?: 976-Evil II (1992)

While the sexily clad girl is a hallmark of Jim W. she doesn’t show up in the film…

976-EVIL wasn’t a movie that needed a sequel.  The first one wrapped up quite well with Spike throwing his cousin Hoax into Hell.  But since it does get a sequel at least it is directed by Jim Wynorski.  God bless you Jim Wynorski.  The first 5 minutes of 976-EVIL II have just the right amount of wet nubile body, bare breasts and jiggling wet t-shirt in the first kill to keep me leering at the TV for the duration of the film. Needless to say this film is chock full of the buxom babes who one would think have a disdain for their clothes–including Monique Gabrielle and Brigitte Nielsen–yet they manage to stay clad. What gives Jim?  Also returning is Spike portrayed by Patrick O’Bryan.

If only all the kills in the film were akin to this…just saying…

Spike is apparently riding town to town to fight the horrorscope line and stumbles on a town plagued by an inept serial killer.  He kills co-eds and happens to be a college professor.  He is shocked when he his caught because the drunken janitor sees him rape a co-ed with a giant stalactite.  Those in need can still call 976-EVIL for their horrorscope and receive the power to get through their troubles.  In addition to ringing Mr. Grubeck the party line from hell calls up Spike.  He kind of runs a parallel story intersecting early on only with Robin as they try to figure out how to stop Grubeck.  

Not exactly terrifying…but here he is the big bad killer.

The opening chase shows that the school is putting on a performance of Faust…and it is directed by Joe Bob Briggs.  It also mentions a “Roger Gorman.”  As mentioned the first co-ed killed is also the last one to show her breasts, but she does so in glorious fashion with typical Jim Wynorski flair.  The next noteworthy kill comes after the cop that no one cares about and is the drunken janitor witness.  He is hit by a semi truck and explodes gruesomely.  Other notable kills and attempted kills include dodging frozen pizzas being flung from an angry freezer while a flame throwing stove holds you at bay.  Sucked into It’s A Wonderful Life only to have all of Seneca Falls turn into zombies while the Zuzu Bailey takes a character out with a cake cutter.  Getting wiped out in the most inglorious case of road rash accomplishing nothing but killing yourself.

That’s it for the tit in this one.  I wonder if Jim was ill during filming?

Another plus is this movie fucks up a lot of cars.  They pulled out the stops to kill Monique Gabrielle.  The shame is they didn’t let her undress first.  WTF Jim?  The ending is epic with a doll flopping climax.  Robin goes the fuck to prison and Spike’s dead ass spirit ascends to the heavens in an explosion of litebrite brilliance. 

All in all this is more enjoyable than the original.  It is a fairly subdued entry from Jim “Popatopolis” Wynorski.  Worth a watch if you got the VHS or the Lionsgate Horror 8 Pack.

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