News: Damn the torpedoes! New Piranha 3DD posters!

I actually didn’t notice the fish behind her until I was trying to caption this…so we’ll go with something like…”What fish?”

I can honestly say that I would be onboard for any movie that has Ving Rhames say “Bring me my legs” for any reason whatsoever let alone to combat the returning prehistoric fish.  But if, for some reason, I was unaware of this flick and saw this–all I can say is woah.  Nothing brings someone to stuttering, drooling or sounding like Bill and Ted like a nice pair of….sunglasses.  Thanks to Evan Dickson at Bloody Disgusting for dropping this online here.  Not to drive a dead horse into the ground….but is that in real D or real DD? Heeeee.

I have been a huge fan of all three of John Gulager’s creature features in the FEAST series, so I can’t wait to see what he has done with PIRANHA 3DD. The Weinsteins have been strapped for cash as of late but the dual release of this flick to VOD and theaters-especially 3D and IMAX–should give them a much needed shot of scratch.  Hopefully ensuring the survival and endurance of Dimension films and the Piranha franchise.  June 1st can’t get here quick enough!

Wow, news flash from the folks at Shock Till You Drop! There was another poster released right on the heels of the last. This one also displaying some of the ample talents on display. Apparently they are pushing Piranha 3DD hard this week.  Pun not entirely unintended!

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