Intermedio (2005)

It’s not a word I would usually use, let alone a word I’ve heard until uttered by Gen in the opening minutes of this movie.  But, “un-butt-fucking-believable” is how I would describe how good Cerina Vincent looks in this flick.  This film has Cerina Vincent, Amber Benson, Edward Furlong, and even Steve Railsback.  Much like Crystal Lake draws teens looking for weed these mine tunnels in Mexico draw teens looking for weed.  These tunnels are full of “intermedio” or “the in-between” okay whatever its a fancy way to fucking say ghost.  They could have just said they’re fucking haunted but it’s fine by me that they keep it in spanish.  

Gen and Malek are sister and brother–creepily shitty fucking Edward Furlong is always leering (hard to blame him) and pretty much eye-raping Cerina.  Wes seems to be the spare and Barbie has a broken leg.  The broken leg is a running gag that leads us to believe that Malek may have, just maybe broke her leg…Well Gen and Malek decide to go for the drugs and to look for their father who went down there years prior.

This flick is real low budget and tries to make the whole ghost thing work through cheapass CGI and having people walking past the camera foreground or background whoile the teens and drug dealers are looking elsewhere.  By the way wtf was Steve Railsback doing in this?  I guess his rent must have been due.

The kills are pretty sick.  They are low budge but work for the flick.  Gotta remember that we are dealing with a film by The Asylum after all.  Honorable mention is Amber Benson who gets cut the fuck in half in spectacular fashion.

See, uncomfortably close.  I think he’s about to grab her tit.

Overall the plot is hard to follow but it is really just a really long chase movie with a handful of kills.  By the end Malek and Gen are uncomfortably close.  One they are supposed to be brother and sister and two it is nasty ass Edward Furlong with hot bod Cerina Vincent.

Wow…she is looking quite healthy…

Cerina Vincent is absolutely fucking gorgeous in this movie–in all of them really.  This one has her do some real field medic type shit by tearing off the midriff of her shirt to bandage up a drug dealer’s hands revealing her tone and taut stomach.  She adds just enough heat and bounce (and in that final act I do mean bounce!) to this flick to make it watchable.  She doesn’t go nude but she sure doesn’t mind showing off her tight body in this one.  It’s really not that bad for a B-movie ghost story. Kind of reminds me of THE STRANGENESS by its setting.

Check it out, especially if you are a Cerina fan!

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