Franchise Fuckery: Chromeskull: Laid to Rest 2 (2011)

I like it.

Slick, moody, gory and very well paced.  CHROMESKULL: LAID TO REST 2 delivers the goods.  Chromeskull has been killed and the people that work for him, Brian Austin Green and Danielle Harris,  go to claim his body.  Plot twist- they either work for Chromeskull, or for the agency that Chromeskull kills for–it is not explained clearly, but it does not detract much from the flick.

Extreme close up…

Surgeons patch Chromeskull’s face back together and he puts the mask back on to kill some more.  Character development is minimal and the survivor of the first film is offed before 10 minutes pass.  Some folks will bitch and moan about this but the movie is called CHROMESKULL, not Princess.  Though she does take some much needed time to wash the blood from her naked body.

Practical effects are remarkable though the film does not look as polished as the original.  This may be budgetary, but it ay also be plot driven, this group (?) may be a little off their “A” game because they have to clean up from the unexpected ass kicking Chromeskull endured at the end of the first film and then track down and eliminate a pair of witnesses and then damage control because the witnesses got to the police…wow chrome dome sure did fuck up didn’t he?  

Should have just figured it was Chromeskull’s license plate.
But that’s okay because the police that are tracking him down are like the fucking Keystone Kops, they bumble around stupidly and are killed off in fantastic fashion.  One example is when a detective wants to verify a license plate she see’s at the old CHROME FACTORY (heeee!).  She knows the kid said it was some variety of Chromeskull and she can make out CHRMS–L.  Does she call back up in because who else in the fucking world would have a plate resembling that in town?  No, she calls in for the exact spelling and goes in to verify it and manages to fall on some nasty knives and slice her head up with Brian Austin Green’s help.
The kills are phenomenally gory and they don’t look to be CGI either.  It looks just like some damn good practical gags.  The violence can be off putting.  It’s brutal, I’m not going to shit you but it pales in comparison to shit like the HOSTEL and SAW franchises.  
It ends wide open for a sequel hopefully with the lovely Miss Danielle Harris returning in a lead role this time!

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